Size and school

Ht.6-1 Wt. 242LBS Penn State


40 time: 4.70
Twenty Yard: 2.64
Ten yard: 1.60
Bench Reps: 26
Vert. Jump: 29.5
Broad Jump: 9’7″
Shuttle: 4.59
Cone: 6.91


2006 RS
2007 9 16 2.5 1.0 1 0
2008 13 106 16.5 4.0 5 1
2009 11 93 17.0 3.0 3 2
Totals 33 215 36.0 8.0 9 3

Terenna’s Analysis

Bowman looks great on tape. He is a play maker in the run game and knifes past defenders. He attacks in the run game rather than waiting for the RB to come to him.  He has great stats and made a lot of tackles and tackles for losses.  Its amazing that he still has tons of tackles even though he is trying to make plays.  You would figure that he would miss some tackles when trying to make plays.  He looks really fast on tape and reacts quickly.  His sideline to sideline speed is just ok but he is really quick in short distances.  He is a very good tackler.   I think that he should go before the 3rd but that’s where he is projected.  People say that his character might not be great, but he has a wife and son and I think that he is probably changed now.  I think that he is the play maker that we need on D.  I would make it a priority to draft him.  He is one of my favorite line backers.  I don’t like Sean Weatherspoon as much because he can’t seem to get off blocks.  It looks like he gets pushed around in the run game.  I know that he is athletic, but I’m just not sure about him.  I think that he would be much better on the outside though.
Score: Production 9 Athleticism: 9 Game tape Analysis: 9

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