While the Eagles now have Darryl Tapp DE who has some potential at the end position, they still should draft at least one more Defensive end, probably two. Trent Cole is getting a little older and Tapp is unproven. If the right player fell to us, I would spend as high as a first round pick on a defensive end. I also see some value in the middle rounds at the position. We need someone opposite Trent Cole to help pressure the QB. I don’t know yet if Tapp is the guy or not.  He had alright production and athleticism when he played for the Seahawks.  His sacks did decline each year though and he started fewer games each year besides his rookie year.  Here is a look at some of the Defensive ends in the draft.  There is more information available on some of the prospects in my top five prospects section.

1. Derrick Morgan – Had good production coming out of college with two years of 50 plus tackles and 12.5 sacks his senior year. Has some speed off the edge and pretty good change of direction ability. His numbers from the combine, which are some of the best, are faster than he looks on tape. He doesn’t have second gear closing ability when close to making the tackle. He is a pretty good pass rusher and can push the pocket, but he usually tries to go to the outside. He seems to be on the ground a lot though and may not have elite balance. He is a solid tackler and is pretty good in the run game. He usually can get off blocks pretty well, but sometimes has problems doing so. He still gets pressure even if doesn’t get the sack, but I like DEs with more closing speed. He is smaller than the other top DEs, but that doesn’t usually bother the Eagles.
(I consider take Morgan if he fell to our pick at twenty four but I wouldn’t want to trade up for him. I like Graham better.)

2. Favorite DE Value: Brandon Graham – He had great production. I love DEs that get a lot of tackles because then I know that they not only disrupt the line but make the play. I think that he is going to be a dominating DE. He has limited combine information, but has good speed. I would love to see his cone number. It’s too bad that he got injured. Maybe that will help him fall to us though. I think that it’s very important for DEs and DTs. Video: He gets good push in the run and can get off blocks easily. He also gets push on the pass and can bull rush. He has good speed and good closing speed. He is a very good wrap up tackler. I think that he is very good in the run game. A lot of people say that he is a linebacker and maybe he can be or is, but I think that he can play DE also in a 4-3. I saw him spin move, rip move and bull rush. He kind of reminds me of Dwight Freeney from Indi. They both seem built, very strong and fast. I think that he is going to be a great player right away even though it usually takes DEs some time to adjust to the nfl.
(I would trade up several spots to get Graham. I think he is going to be very good.)

3. Jason Pierre-Paul – He doesn’t have the production that I look for in a DE. He only had 6.5 sacks and 45 tackles during his last year in college. He has good combine numbers, but not great. He looks pretty good on tape, but sometimes gets completely blocked out of pass plays. It looks like he doesn’t play hard at times. He does have good leaping ability and timing to knock down passes. He is good at rushing off the edge. He has a quick burst, but not great change of direction. He misses some tackles.
(I wouldn’t’ take a chance on Pierre-Paul. I think that they are safer and better prospects to draft.)

4. Everson Griffen – He doesn’t have very good production at all. He is good in the 40, but his other combine numbers are not available. He looks quick and strong on tape though. He has good change of direction and closing speed. He is a solid tackler and can get off his blocks well in the passing game. He is better against the pass than the run. He sometimes gets blocked out of plays. I prefer well rounded DEs. When he rushes on the outside has good effort to get back to the QB rather than just running by him like Pierre-Paul.  Some people say that he has a poor motor.
(If he just produced more I would want to draft him, but his poor statistics scares me away a bit. If he fell into the second round I would take him.)

5. Carlos Dunlap – He only has only alright production and not many tackles. People question his worth ethic. He is not the type of player that I would want on my team. He is large and athletic though. He sometimes looks great.
(I wouldn’t want to draft him unless he falls.)

6. Alex Carrington – He is just too slow and has bad change of direction ability. He is strong on tape though. His production is not bad. He is more of a 3-4 end instead of a 4-3.
(I would not draft Carrington.)

7. Third Favorite DE Value – C.J. Wilson – C.J. is moderately fast at rushing the edge, but is good at cutting back inside the block if he can’t get around the OT. He has excellent strength and can either push the O line back or rip around them. He is a very sure tackler (during his junior year he had 70. He isn’t the most athletic DE but he weights 290 lbs. Overall for his size he is pretty athletic. He is good against the run and has the lateral quickness to prevent RBs from slipping by him. He has good production, but took a step down during his senior year (he was possibly double teamed).  He might be more of a 3-4 DE but I still like him for the Eagles.
(I would draft C.J. in the third round.)

8. Jermain Cunningham – He looks bad on tape and doesn’t have great production. He also had a poor combine posting slow times.
(I would not draft Cunningham.)

9. Corey Wooton – He looks bad on tape and posted a very slow 40. He did however, do well in the 3 cone with a 7.00. He also has poor production.
(I would not draft him.)

10. Second Favorite DE value – Daniel Te’o Nesheim- He has good size and is extremely athletic, in fact the most athletic DE in the draft. He also has very good production, but his total tackles did decrease during his senior year. He looks fast and strong on tape and can lay a hard hit. He tackles very well in general. I would love to have him on the Eagles. He is moving up the draft board, which is annoying because I discovered him when he was projected to go in the 6th round. He will more likely go in the 4th now. We need to keep building depth on the D line and keep working to get an eventual super star.
(I would definitely draft him and would trade around a bit if needed. He is a solid 4th round prospect.)

11. Alex Daniels – Daniels doesn’t have great production and didn’t really do anything until his senior year. He had an alright senior year though with 46 tackles and 8 sacks. He has very good athleticism and posted one of the best 3 cone drill defensive end (7.09). Unfortunately there is no video on him.(I would take a chance on him in the sixth or seventh round.)

12. Sleeper: Jeffery Fitzgerald – He has alright athleticism, but good strength and size. He is good at getting off of blocks as well. He had good production his freshman and sophomore years, but then missed his junior year and only had an alright senior year.
(He has a lot of potential and I would take a chance on him in the 7th or in free agency.)