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Rookie Free Agent Pick Ups

1.  Nick Bellore, ILB, Central Michigan

Never too many Linebackers

Bellore is limited in coverage and as a pass-rusher but has the size, smarts, motor and toughness to develop into an effective two-down run-stopper and contributor on special teams ( He is certainly athletic enough to make it as a linebacker in the NFL and during three of his four years he posted over 100 tackles.  Since I wasn’t very happy with the other Linebackers that we drafted, we should get Bellore to increase the competition level.  He could end up beating out a few of the linebackers that we drafted ( ie. Brian Rolle and Greg Lloyd)

2. Scott Lutrus, OLB, Connecticut
Lutrus comes with durability concerns but he showed well at the NFL combine and has the speed, toughness and smarts to provide depth on the strong side for a base 4-3 defense (  I’m not  as high on Lutrus as Bellore, but if we don’t get Bellore, he would be a solid second pick.  Showed that he could play during his freshman and sophmore years, but his production and durability dropped off greatly during his junior and senior years.

3. Joe Lefeged, S, Rutgers

Lefeged possesses a nice combination of size and straight-line speed, and the range, discipline and toughness to contribute as a sub-package safety and special-teams player early in his career. He also has the ability to develop into a starting strong safety in time (

4. Zach Hurd, G, Connecticut
Hurd has good size (6-6¾, 316), strength and long arms, plus the natural ability and toughness to develop into a quality backup guard in the NFL (

5. Martin Parker, DT, Richmond
Parker has the size (6-2⅛, 303) and athleticism to play DT.  He also had amazing statistics finishing his career with 19 sacks, 46 tackles for a loss, and 288 tackles.  The downside is that he played at Richmond a smaller school.  He is certainly going to be picked up and it should be by the Eagles.

6. Ricky Henry, G, Nebraska
Henry is a blue-collar player with excellent toughness and a mean streak, and he flashes above-average upper-body strength in the run game (  We can use a few more Offensive Lineman in camp to shake things up and I’ve always been a fan of tough smash-mouth lineman.

7. Pierre Allen, DE, Nebraska
Allen has the size (6-3½, 273), upper-body strength and long arms to provide depth and possibly develop into a starting left end in a four-man front (  He looks like he has some potential to be an effective backup lineman.  He had alright statistics but limited measurable.  He probably doesn’t have the speed to turn the corner in the NFL, but certainly has the size to play DE.

Other Trades and FA Pick Ups

I want to trade Kevin Kolb as soon as possible for as much as possible.  I still have my reservations about Kolb as a starting QB in the NFL.  I certainly saw flashes of his ability last year, but we don’t need him.  Vick is playing lights out and I really like Mike Kafka as a back up.  I would however bring in a a second veteran QB into the mix.  If we can trade Kolb for a first round pick and a starting CB we would be much better off.

If we don’t trade Kolb or don’t get a starting CB in the mix, we need to pick one up in FA.  The obvious name is Nnamdi Asomugha, but we’ll see what happens there.  I tend to think that he is going to be too expensive and he’s not getting any younger.  Still, I would love to have him.  I also would consider bringing in another veteran linebacker and possible DE or DT, but I don’t think that a D-lineman is absolutely necessary.  Lastly, if we can get a solid offensive lineman in FA, we should do that too.  I’m still not sold on Winston Justice and I’m concerned that Jamaal Jackson isn’t going to be himself at center.


Mizenko’s Post Season Mock

First I think the eagles will address their OL issues during FA.  I feel they will be more active in FA this year due to the youth of their team.  Our OL is young (avg age of OL that have played this year is 23.3 yrs old) so why would they attempt to get younger.  In my opinion, this is a weak draft class for OL, while next years class will be very strong. I think the Eagles will sign two or three of these FA: Carl Nicks (NO), Logan Mankins (NE), Davin Joseph (TB), Ryan Kalil (CAR), Jermon Bushrod (NO).

Carl Nicks Dominates

Round 1: Brandon Harris CB Miami– I like the way Lindley has been playing so he adds hope. He could start along side Asante next year, and Harris will be our third.  I also like the way Brandon Hughes played against the Cowboys on Sunday, giving me hope that he could be our 5th CB.  Our 4th CB will come later in the draft

Round 2:  Muhammad Wilkerson DT Temple– This had been my “guy” in almost every Eagles mock that I have done.  He is a beast (6-4 310) and his agility is impressive for his size, as is his hustle to close on ballcarriers in the backfield or track them down from behind (his 70 tackles are a high number for a defensive lineman). He also has the versatility to play  DE when needed.  I don’t like Bunk, and I think the reason that Dixon is so “dominate” for us is because he is the only NFL size DT we have.  Dixon is 6-3 330 and the others all hover around 6-2 300.  We need better push to help our edge rushers.

Round 3: Chimdi Chekwa CB Ohio St– I love this kid, he is a physical CB that played lots of man in college.  He has great speed (4.45) and is as mentally tough as they come.  He can easily become our 4th CB.

Round 4: Kelvin Sheppard ILB/WILL– Although I love our young LB, I dont think Akeem Jordan or Omar Gaither should/will be back.  Sheppard can play multiple LB postions (started at WILL in ’07 before moving to ILB for the rest of his career.  He is a leader, in every sense of the word and will add depth of a improving group of young LB’s.

Round 4: Tim Barnes C Missouri– Yes, I said that we will address through FA but I don’t think we will pay Ryan Kalil the money he is going to want and he is the best C in the game.  Thats why we will draft Barnes here.  Barnes, while physically gifted, is also a leader on the field and in the locker room. He won the 2009 Team Underclassmen Leadership Award.  Every team needs a player like Barnes.

Round 5: Tejay Johnson S TCU– Not sure if Nate Allen will be ok for this upcoming year.  Johnson can play both FS and SS and will add insurance and depth to go along with Kurt Coleman (who will start next year regardless of Allen)

Round 5: Tyrod Taylor QB Va Tech– I love the kid, he idolized Vick and wants to play/learn from him in the NFL.

Round 6: Derrick Locke RB/WR/KR/PR Kentucky– He’s worth the pick here.  He can make our team based simply on his return skills.

Round 7: Brandon Blair DE Oregon– a bit on the older side but at this point…..

Roster Cuts

S Quintin Demps, G Max Jean-Gilles, S Macho Harris, TE Cornelius Ingram, WR Kelley Washington, WR Dobson Collins, DE Pannell Egboh, WR Chad Hall, TE Nate Lawrie, RB Martell Mallett, OT Jeraill McCuller, DE Eric Moncur, WR Jordan Norwood, DT Jeff Owens, CB David Pender, CB Geoff Pope, OL Dallas Reynolds, DT Boo Robinson, S Anthony Scirrotto, C A.Q. Shipley, OL Fenuki Tupou.

Mach Harris listens for his name on Cut day

Quintin Demps was the biggest surprise to me.  The Eagles only kept 3 satellites and two of them a rookies.  Demps had a pretty good preseason and he had kick return ability.  All of the other cuts were pretty much expected.

G Max Jean-Gilles was resigned the next day.


The Eagles  traded away G Stacey Andrews and LB Tracy White: White was someone that we probably would have cut anyway.  Andrews never really panned out.

They traded for G Reggie Wells from Arizona and DE/LB Antwan Barnes from Baltimore:  Wells will add depth at the Guard position and might eventually start.  Barnes is going to improve our pass rush and will likely rotate in.

Practice Squad Signings

DT Jeff Owen, OL Dallas Reynolds, C A.Q. Shipley, RB Martell Mallett, WR Chad Hall:  It was good that we Kept Owens.  He looked pretty good at times and showed good power.  He needs to work on his technique.  Mallett was another player who looked good at times.  After all he was the Canadian league MVP, hopefully he steps it up next year and makes another run at a roster spot.

Three Practice Squad spots are still open

Rookie Free Agents:

I like some of the free agent prospects that we picked up and others are not so great.  I do like that we added a bunch of offensive linemen into the mix. I was worried after the draft when we didn’t take any, but I’m a little more comfortable now. I don’t want to end up in the situation that we did last year when our O-line was decimated. One move that I particularly like was the signing of Shawn Murphy, G off waivers from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is 27 and 6-4, 315lbs. He was originally a 4th round draft pick. He doesn’t have much or even any game experience, but he has been through years of training camps and will be another body to compete.

RB Keithon Flemming (5-10, 208) West Texas A&M – He ran a 4.62 in the 40, but no other drill times were available. He ended up with 4,008 all-purpose yards for his career and scored 16 touchdowns during his senior year despite being injured for part of it.  He looks alright on limited tape.  He doesn’t have great speed, but has decent cutting ability.  He also breaks tackles fairly well and has a solid stiff arm.

DE Eric Moncur (6-1, 237) Miami, FL – Undersized and marginal production. He would have to move to Linebacker in the NFL. He only ran a 4.9 in the 40 though. I’m really not even sure why we signed this guy.  He won’t make the team.

CB Devin Ross (5-10, 183) Arizona – Had decent production his senior year with 74 tackles, one interception and 11 pass deflections. Unfortunately there are no drill times available for Ross.

DT Charles Alexander (6-4, 300), LSU – Charles had terrible production in college, and he is also not very athletic running a 5.38 in the 40. I know that 40 time doesn’t mean much for a DT, but he has one of the slowest times and there are no other drill times available.  I don’t see him making the team.

WR Blue Cooper (6-2, 185), Tennessee-Chattanooga – Ran a 4.59 in the 40 which isn’t great for a WR his size. In his career he had 152 catches for 1,790 yards and 14 touchdowns. I don’t really seeing Cooper landing on the roster. I don’t even really think that he was worth signing as a free agent.

G Zipp Duncan (6-5, 297), Kentucky – Another body for competition. He does have 39 career starts and experience at Guard and Tackle.

Best Signing: QB Joey Elliott (6-3, 215), Purdue – Elliott was player that could have been taken in the 7th round. He is pretty athletic and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.72 and 4.79 seconds, had a 29-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot broad jump, a 4.31 short shuttle and a 7.12 three-cone drill. He didn’t play much until his senior year, but then passed for over 3000 yards, had a 61.7% completion percentage and threw for 22 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. He had a completion percentage over 70 for the last three games of the year and  has decent arm strength from the limited video available.  He was also a co-captain.  Elliott was a great pick up and will compete against Kafka to be the third string quarterback.

T Austin Howard (6-7, 333), Northern Iowa – Austin has great size and started 25 games.

WR Kevin Jurovich (6-0, 188), San Jose State, is pretty athletic, but no more than what would be expected out of someone his size. Unfortunately there is no 3 cone time available because it’s one of the best indicators of the ability to make people miss and run good routes with practice.  Had 160 receptions for 2,143 yards and 11 touchdowns in his career.  I don’t see him making the team.

T Jeraill McCuller (6-6, 328), North Carolina State – Another O-lineman with good size, just like Reid likes in O-lineman.

CB Josh Morris (5-11, 186), Weber State – Morris had 126 total tackles, 26 pass deflections and seven career interceptions . While his production is alright he doesn’t have the deep speed to play in the NFL. His athleticism is more in line with a Safety, but he is too small to play Safety.

CB David Pender (6-0, 180), Purdue – Alright production over career posing129 tackles, 33 pass break-ups but only 3 interceptions. He is also only marginally athletic though. He ran a strong 40 time of 4.37, but all of his other times were bellow average for CBs.

Second Best signing: WR Pat Simonds (6-5, 229), Colgate – Simonds has good size and production over his career at Colgate posting 171 receptions for 2,797 yards and 29 touchdowns. I also like that he was the captain of his team and has good athleticism. He posted a 6.84 cone drill 4.26 shuttle, ran a 4.66 in the 40 and managed 24 reps on the bench. He is a raw player that has the size and athleticism to make it in the NFL.  We just have to see how well he learns and how polished this diamond in the rough can become.

Worst Singing: FB Chris Zardas (6-0, 238), Massachusetts – I don’t even know why we signed a fullback. We aren’t going to carry two on the team with Leonard Weaver as the starter. It’s possible that we just want to keep Weaver working hard or maybe we were going to move Zardas over to TE, but he is not very athletic.  He has terrible production in college though and is from a small school. I don’t see the value in signing Zardas.

Updates on Draft Picks:

Mike Kafka, QB – I’m starting to like Kafka more.  I watched more video and saw some things that I liked.  He has a quick release and moves around in the pocket well.  He also has decent arm strength, probably better than most college QBs.  During the East-West game he led his team to a last minute comeback victory the stressful situation of having many scouts watching.  I would have liked to have seen better production in college, but to be fair he only started one year and did post a 64% completion percentage during his senior year.

Daniel Te’o Nesheim DE – I’ve been watching more video on this kid and I just have to reiterate how good he is.  He gets off of blocks almost instantly using his hands to punch his man to the side, by running outside of OTs or by spinning.  He can play multiple positions including LB, DT and DE.  He is a great wrap up tackler and has very good change of direction ability.  I watched him stay on the ball during fake pitches twice and make a great plays.  He is going to be a starter at some point for the Eagles.  He was a great pick up and will harass the QBs of the NFC East all day long.  I would love to see him put on 10 lbs and play inside on third down while Brandon Graham DE and Trent Cole line up outside.  We are going to get pressure with just our front 4 this year for a change.

More info on FA Signings
More info on FA Signings

Terenna at

As you all know by now, the Eagles made a big trade today for Ernie Sims for our 5th round draft pick. Granted he had some injuries last year, but Sims is a young play-maker at the Linebacker position. Before the trade we were very weak at linebacker and we were going to have to draft heavily at that position. Now it’s less of a priority. We still need to improve our strong side Linebacker position though. I would love to get a guy like Navorro Bowman or Jamar Chaney in the middle rounds of the draft.

Ernie Sims was a former high first round draft pick who has had very good production, topping the 100 tackle mark in every season except his last one.  Giving up only a 5th round pick for him was an exceptional trade.  I’m not one to trade picks away as you will read about next, but it’s extremely unlikely that we would have done better than Sims if we kept our 5th to draft with.

Take a look at his career statistics:

Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int FF
2009 Detroit Lions 11 8 49 32 17 0.0 1 0
2008 Detroit Lions 16 16 113 71 42 1.0 1 0
2007 Detroit Lions 16 16 134 97 37 1.0 2 1 3
2006 Detroit Lions 16 16 124 81 43 0.5 1 1
TOTAL 420 281 139 2.5 0 5 1 4

It is also rumored that the Eagles want to trade up to the 10-12 pick range in the first round if certain players are available. I have mixed feelings about the possibility. I believe that we would be trading up to get either Earl Thomas, FS or Brandon Graham, DE and I love both of those prospects. My concern is that this is a very deep draft and we might be losing out by trading our picks away. As everyone knows not every first round pick works out. It is more likely that they will work out than second round picks, but certainly not definite. If we wanted to move up to the 10-12 range we will have to give up our first round pick and our second round pick and I believe that we can do better keeping our picks. Lets say that If we move up we are drafting Earl Thomas and if we stay we will be able to draft Maurkice Pouncey, C and Nate Allen, FS or Tyson Alualu, DE. Earl Thomas looks like he is going to be a great player, but it’s possible that he will be a bust or just a mediocre player. low first round and high second round picks also can be busts, but since we have two of them it’s less likely that they will both be busts. I believe that if we stay where we are, we are more likely to come out with a great player than if we move up. Even though Earl Thomas seems better than either Maurkice Pouncey and Nate Allen or Tyson Alualu, he probably won’t be better than both of them.
I don’t mind trading up a few picks here or there. I just don’t want to trade our lives away for an unproven prospect. Does everyone remember Mike Mamula?