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If we want a winning team, we need to…

By: Terenna

1.  Coaching– Andy Reid needs to leave.  Release Howard Mudd.  Release Juan Castillo. Then allow the new coach to keep or release the other assistant coaches.  I want a head coach that believes in power and dominating the trenches.  It’s how you win a Superbowl.  I just read a rumor that Juan might be going and Steve Spagnuolo could return as Reid’s defensive coordinator.  That would be a step in the right direction.

No longer the Answer

2.  Overall Defense – I  would began to draft, trade and pick up defensive players fit for a 3-4 defensive system.  I would move Brandon Graham and Trent Cole to linebacker.  I would keep Chaney in at LB and I would draft another high round LB.  I would then move Cullen Jenkins to DE, bring in another mid round DE prospect or FA and then draft a high round Nose Tackle.  We can’t make the switch until we bring in a good Powerful Nose Tackle.

3.  The Run Defense (if we keep our current system)- The wide 9 is undoubtedly a good system for getting sacks with your front four.  The two concerns about the wide 9 are, that the D line leaves huge run gaps and that they are only responsible for one gap.   It’s not their responsibility to play two gaps to try to stop the run.    Solution: We can do one of two things.  Either move away from the wide 9 system entirely or bring in a big run stuffing inside linebacker and a run stuffing safety for running downs.  Our run defense has been terrible at times and gives up the 11th worst rushing average.  I would spend two of my top four picks on Linebackers.  I would also allow Brandon Graham to convert to inside linebacker.  He has the athleticism and size to be a dominant run stuffing LB.

4.  The Goal Line Offense and Power Rushing – We can’t beat the D-line when rushing for short yardage, up the center.  We are third in negative plays up the center and third to last  in Rush Pwr [up the center] = Percentage of rushes on 3rd or 4th down with 2 or fewer yards to go that achieved a first down or TD. Also includes rushes on 1st-and-goal and 2nd-and-goal from the opponent’s 2-yard line or closer (  Howard Mudd likes to have smaller more athletic centers and guards which is good at running on the outside because of pulling O-line men, but terrible up the front because they are small and weak.  I would also release Howard Mudd.  I’m not a fan of his system.  Power wins games.    Solution: Change the O-line system and increase strength and power.   Draft another center and a guard and allow Jamaal Jackson to compete for the starting job.  I would spend two of our top 4 picks on offensive linemen.

5.  Drafting and Free Agency (if our system doesn’t change) – Top needs 1. Linebacker 2. Guard 3. Center 4. Guard 5. Safety (run-stuffing).  I would consider trading Asomugha for a run stuffing linebacker if we can’t find one in the draft.  Dominique Rodgers Cromartie’s stats are as good as Asomugha’s despite playing less. They’ve both been burned by big plays, but based on DRC’s young age and past production I would rather keep him.

6.  GM and Draft War Room – The Eagles could improve their drafting success, but hiring me.   I can be contacted here.  My Top 5 Prospects for the Eagles 2010 draft has been pretty successful.  Take a Look.   LeGarrette Blount RB, Victor Cruz WR  were late round steels .  Alterraun Verner CB and Navorro Bowman OLB are mid-round superstars.  Jared Veldheer OT and Maurkice Pouncey C/G are great and our O-line would be able to convert short yardage.  Especially with Blount running behind it.


Roster Cuts

S Quintin Demps, G Max Jean-Gilles, S Macho Harris, TE Cornelius Ingram, WR Kelley Washington, WR Dobson Collins, DE Pannell Egboh, WR Chad Hall, TE Nate Lawrie, RB Martell Mallett, OT Jeraill McCuller, DE Eric Moncur, WR Jordan Norwood, DT Jeff Owens, CB David Pender, CB Geoff Pope, OL Dallas Reynolds, DT Boo Robinson, S Anthony Scirrotto, C A.Q. Shipley, OL Fenuki Tupou.

Mach Harris listens for his name on Cut day

Quintin Demps was the biggest surprise to me.  The Eagles only kept 3 satellites and two of them a rookies.  Demps had a pretty good preseason and he had kick return ability.  All of the other cuts were pretty much expected.

G Max Jean-Gilles was resigned the next day.


The Eagles  traded away G Stacey Andrews and LB Tracy White: White was someone that we probably would have cut anyway.  Andrews never really panned out.

They traded for G Reggie Wells from Arizona and DE/LB Antwan Barnes from Baltimore:  Wells will add depth at the Guard position and might eventually start.  Barnes is going to improve our pass rush and will likely rotate in.

Practice Squad Signings

DT Jeff Owen, OL Dallas Reynolds, C A.Q. Shipley, RB Martell Mallett, WR Chad Hall:  It was good that we Kept Owens.  He looked pretty good at times and showed good power.  He needs to work on his technique.  Mallett was another player who looked good at times.  After all he was the Canadian league MVP, hopefully he steps it up next year and makes another run at a roster spot.

Three Practice Squad spots are still open


WR 18 Jeremy Maclin    14  Riley Cooper 84 Hank Baskett
LT 71 Jason Peters           68 Austin Howard
LG 79 Todd Herremans     62 Max Jean-Gilles
C 67 Jamaal Jackson    77 Mike McGlynn
RG 76 Stacy Andrews       59 Nick Cole
RT 74 Winston Justice 65 King Dunlap 78
TE 87 Brent Celek           88 Clay Harbor
WR 10 DeSean Jackson     81 Jason Avant
FB 43 Leonard Weaver
RB 25 LeSean McCoy    26 Mike Bell 34 Eldra Buckley
QB 4  Kevin Kolb        7  Michael Vick     3   Mike Kafka


LDE 94 Brandon Graham 75 Juqua Parker   52 Daniel Te’o-Nesheim95 [Abiamiri, Victor]
LDT 98 Mike Patterson      93 Trevor Laws
RDT 97 Brodrick Bunkley  64 Antonio Dixon
RDE 58 Trent Cole          91 Darryl Tapp
WILL 50 Ernie Sims    59 Keenan Clayton
MLB 55 Stewart Bradley     96 Omar Gaither     48 Jamar Chaney
SAM 56 Akeem Jordan  53 Moise Fokou
LCB 22 Asante Samuel 21 Joselio Hanson  23 Dimitri Patterson
RCB 31 Ellis Hobbs  35 Trevard Lindley 38 Jorrick Calvin
SS 27 Quintin Mikell      42  Kurt Coleman
FS 29 Nate Allen 39 Quintin Demps


P 6 Sav Rocca
K 2 Akers, David
H 6 Sav Rocca
PR 38 Jorrick Calvin 18 Jeremy Maclin
KOR 38 Jorrick Calvin 39 Quintin Demps     
LS 46 Jon Dorenbos 87 Brent Celek

Rookies in bold

[Injured players]

[Ricky Sapp] placed on IR

[Marlin Jackson] placed on IR

Game Notes

Overall I was very unimpressed with the Eagles first team offense and defense.  Our offenses biggest problem was the offensive line’s ability to pass and run block.  The run blocking was a little better than the pass blocking which was terrible.  Hopefully when Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson start again our O-line problems will disappear.  We will have an extremely hard time winning without a solid offensive line, which was why it was one of the positions that I said that we should draft in the off-season.  Hopefully Andy Reid and the Eagles knew what they were doing by not drafting any offensive lineman.

Our defense was certainly better than our offense, but had its own problems.  We were bellow average at stopping the run and average in coverage.  Our coverage would have been better, but our pass rush and blitzes were both bellow average.

I thought that our special teams played a little better than our offense and defense and I had no major complaints.  I would like to see more explosiveness in our return game.  Chad Hall was much less impressive in game two than he was in game one and I think that he’s probably not going to make the team.  He was bellow average at returning the ball and only pulled in two catches for 9 yards.

I tend to think that the Eagles are a year away from seriously competing unless our O-line pulls it together.  Our pass rush should improve over the course of the season as Brandon Graham and Te’0-Nesheim improve.


Kevin Kolb did fairly well despite being under almost constant pressure.  He moved well in the pocket and scrambled away from pressure.  He finished the game 11/17 and 126 yards.  His stats would be much improved if the O-line could protect him at all.  I also picked Kolb up in my fantasy draft in the 6th round.  I trust in him, lets hope that he doesn’t let me down.

Unfortunately both of our back up quarterbacks looked terrible.  Once again it could have been due the the pressure that they were under.  Vick finished a horrible 1/5 for 6 yards and 2 interceptions, but he did have 3 carries for 34 yards.  Kafka finished 4/12 for 29 yards and two interceptions, but in his defense he is a rookie.

Running backs

LeSean McCoy was very unimpressive to me, but it could have been partly due to the offensive lines’ poor run blocking.  McCoy looked a little slow and not very explosive.  I’m pretty worried about our run game this year and if we can’t run the ball it’s going to put a lot more pressure on the young Kolb.  McCoy finished with only 20 yards on 6 carries, but one of his runs was for 17 yards, which gives him only 3 yards for his other five carries.  I would say that if he doesn’t step it up someone is going to take his job but we don’t have much else in the way of running backs on the team.  Bell could challenge, but we haven’t seen much of him because of injuries.

Eldra Buckley played the best on Friday, but wasn’t that impressive.  He finished 4 for 19 yards.  Leonard Weaver didn’t even look as fast as he did last year.  I hope that our running backs step it up or we are in trouble.

It’s too bad that the Eagles didn’t draft or pick up as a rookie free agent Joique Bell like I said that they should.  The Bills picked him up as a rookie free agent and he is having a great preseason.  His first game he had 52 yards, a 10.4 yard average and a TD and in his second game he had 80 yards, a 7.3 yard average and another TD.  He also had 3 receptions for 15 yards in both games combined.


DeSean Jackson was our star performer of the night.  He looked as good as he always does and seemed to have no trouble getting open against the Bengals secondary.  He finished 4 for 74 yards.

Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper were the only other receivers that showed much.  Both looked pretty good, but unfortunately Maclin was shaken up when trying to make a play.  I don’t think that the injury was serious though.


Joselio Hanson had a pretty good game overall making 5 tackles with one assisted tackle.  He covered pretty well most of the game, but did get beat deep for a touch down.

Quintin Mikell looked as good as he always does.  He tackled and covered well.  He is one of our best players on defense.

Although Nate Allen got run over by Cedric Benson on one play, but he did cover pretty well and had a good game overall.

One player that was particularly impressive was Dimitri Patterson CB.  He ended the game with 2 tackles a forced fumble and an interception.  He could end up being our third corner when the year starts.

Brandon Graham started out slow and was having trouble getting by the Bengals first team O-line.  He picked it up against he second team and ended the game with three tackles and a sack.  He showed some of his all star potential on a run play by bursting through the line to make a tackle for a loss.  He also showed power as well as speed in his pass rush at times.  I still want to see him do more in the next preseason game.

I thought that Juqua Parker looked both slow and weak in his pass rush abilities.  I could see Graham taking over for him part way though the year.

Trent Cole looked great as always.  He ended the game with 3 tackles and he pressured the quarterback several times.  I don’t know where are defense would be without Cole.

Overall I think that our defense would improve greatly if we can sure up the linebacker play and improve our pass rush.  I hope the Eagles pull things together for game three, because game two made me want to hit my head up against a wall.

Game Notes

The primary goal in preseason games is to evaluate talent not to necessarily win.  That being said it is nice to win and the Eagles did just that.   I’m going to focus mostly on individual player performance.

  • The eagles first team offense and defense both played well.  I’m pretty comfortable going into the season so far, but want to see them continue their success for the remaining three preseason games.
  • I want to see more out of Brandon Graham, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, and Jamar Chaney.  I’m really looking forward to game two to see what they’ve got.

  • Martell Mallett looked good and might have played himself into a roster spot, rushing for 60 yards and a TD on fifteen attempts and hauling in 3 catches for 18 yards.  The eagles still really like Eldra Buckley though and I’m not sure if they are going to keep four running backs.
  • Charles Scott blocked well at fullback, but I think that he is going to be cut.  I don’t see the Eagles keeping two fullbacks and Weaver is clearly the starter.
  • Chad Hall ran, caught and returned the ball well in his first game.  He rushed for 22 yards on two carries, got 60 yards on two catches , returned three kicks for a 21 yard average and two punts for a 7 yard average.  I would like to see him increase his return averages, but otherwise I was impressed.  I think that the eagles will consider keeping him because of his versatility, but he is still locked in a battle for the 5th or 6th receiver spots.
  • I was impressed by Keenan Clayton the undersized linebacker. He finished with 4 tackles and a sack.  I’m really interested to see how the linebacker position shakes out.  This is one of those positions that is going to take a lot of study to figure out.
  • Riley Cooper looked good once again and caught 3 balls for 61 yards.  He already secured himself a roster spot.  He is now working on increasing his potential playing time.
  • Vick seems to be back in football shape and played very well finishing 11/17 for 119 yards, along with 50 yards rushing and a TD on 6 attempts.  He did however throw an interception and fumble the ball.  Kolb is firmly entrenched as the number one QB.
  • LeSean McCoy had an alright game but I would like to see him break some runs. He ran and received the ball fairly well.  I’m waiting to see some more of the old Westbrook in him.  So far I’m not entirely sold on him.
  • Kolb finished the game 6/11 for 95 yards. He threw accurately and with enough power.  I’m confidant in Kolb, but want to see him keep up the good work in the remaining three preseason games.
  • I wasn’t very impressed with Joselio Hanson as he got beat deep and hope that neither of our top two cornerbacks get hurt this season. I’m uncomfortable with our depth at this point.
  • I was impressed by the offensive line. They blocked fairly well in the run game and only allowed two sacks in the pass game. Don’t forget that we also just got back Jamaal Jackson and Todd Herremans. I’m much more confidant with our O-line than I was earlier in the offseason