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Bold names are my favorite prospects

Round 1 (15th overall pick) – Fletcher Cox, DT or David DeCastro, G  If neither are available, I would take Shea McClellin, ILB/DE or trade down
Round 2 (46th overall pick) – Shea McClellin, ILB/DE or  Josh Robinson CB or Brandon Brooks, G

Round 2 (51st overall pick) – Josh Robinson CB or Brandon Brooks, G
Round 3 (88th overall pick) – Mike Martin, DT (If we don’t get Cox) or Donald Stephenson, OT

Round 4 (114th overall pick) – Jay Howard, DT  or Derek Wolfe, DT (If we don’t get Cox)
Round 5 (153rd overall pick) – Asa Jackson, CB  or Jake Bequette, DE

Round 6 (172nd overall pick) – Jonathan Grimes, RB or Terrence Fredrick, CB if we haven’t taken a CB and if we trade Asante

Round 6 (194th overall pick) – Tom Compton, OT

Round 6 (200th overall pick) – Jerron McMillan, FS

Rookie Free Agents

Deshawn Shead, S

Jordan White WR

Cody Pearcy WR

Derek Carrier, TE


NFL Mock Draft: Round 1

Updated: 4/17/12

Terenna’s Mock:

No. 1: Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, Stanford, QB

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Andrew Luck seems to be the safest QB pick. He has the potential lead the team for the next 10 years.

No. 2: Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III, Baylor, QB

Griffin has superb athleticism as well as a rocket arm. He can be an immediate high performer for the Redskins. Expect him to rack up plenty of rushing yards.

No. 3: Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil, USC, OT

Matt Kalil is the bets left tackle in the draft. The Vikings fill a need with a safe pick.

No. 4: Cleveland Browns – Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State, WR

I believe that Colt McCoy can get it done if he has an elite receiver to throw two. Justin Balckmon is his man. Another possibility would be draft Ryan Tannehill and draft a later WR. While there are good WRs you can get in the later rounds, Tannehill isn’t a pro ready prospect. McCoy has NFL experience and some success.

No. 5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Morris Claiborne, LSU, CB

Claiborne is the best CB in the draft and fills their most pressing need. Some people have the Bucs taking Trent Richardson, but I think it’s a mistake. Sure, Trent could be very good, but they already have LeGarrette Blount who is good in his own right. They can draft a speedy complement to LeGarrette later in the draft.

No. 6: St. Louis Rams – Riley Reiff, Iowa, OT

A WR is possible here or DT, but the Rams need help on their O-line the most. If they went DT I would go with Fletcher Cox. He’s going to be a steal.

No. 7: Jacksonville Jaguars – Luke Kuechly, Boston College, ILB

Kuechly was not only super productive in college, he tested well at the combine. I wasn’t always impressed with him on tape, in the run game, but he covers very well. This could be high for Kuechly, but I think he’s a safer bet than the other WRs and DEs available at this point.

No. 8: Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, QB

The Dolphins take a chance on a QB with potential. He doesn’t appear to be a pro ready prospect, but could develop nicely.

No. 9: Carolina Panthers – Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State, DT

DT isn’t the Panther’s biggest need but, Cox is a natural penetrator in the pass game . He is the most pro-ready DT prospect. He looks great on tape, has good production and good athleticism.

No. 10: Buffalo Bills – Courtney Upshaw, Alabama, OLB

Upshaw fits in nicely as a rush linebacker into the Bills 3-4 defensive system.

No. 11: Kansas City Chiefs – Trent Richardson, Alabama, RB

Richardson, is a steal at 11. The Chiefs need a running back due to injury. It’s a no brainer. They could also consider Dontari Poe, DT, but he scares me a bit. He has great size and good athleticism, but he doesn’t have much in the way of production. I would take the safer pick.

No. 12: Seattle Seahawks – Quinton Coples, North Carolina, DE

Coples will give the Seahawks a powerful one two punch from their DEs. My only concern with Coples is his average athleticism.

No. 13: Arizona Cardinals – David DeCastro, Stanford, G

DeCastro is the best guard and will greatly improve the Cardinals O-line.

No. 14: Dallas Cowboys – Mark Barron, Alabama, SS

Mark Barron is a productive, strong, SS with a good awareness. The Cowboys get the best player remaining on the board and a powerful defender.

No. 15: Philadelphia Eagles – Shea McClellin, Boise State, DE

McCellin has the size, speed, awareness and motor to be a dominant run stuffer and tough to block pass rusher. I would put him at ILB and move Demeco Ryans to the outside. I would have liked Cox, DT here, but it’s unlikely he will fall to 15.

No. 16: New York Jets – Whitney Mercilus, Illinois, DE

The Jets need linebacker and pass rush help, Mercilus gives them both. He was a one year wonder, but was very productive during that year. He has the size and athleticism to make an impact. I’ve seen some people put Dont’a Hightower here, but I’m not very impressed with him. He has a higher bust potential than Mercilus, with a lower upside.

No. 17: Cincinnati Bengals – Mike Adams, Ohio State, OT

Mike Adams gives them they help they desperately need on their O-line.

No. 18: San Diego Chargers – Cordy Glenn, Georgia, OT

Glenn (345lbs) is a powerful tackle that the Chargers could move to guard.

No. 19: Chicago Bears – Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina, CB

The bears desperately need help at CB. Gilmore gives them that help. While he’s not super productive, he is super athletic. He has high potential.

No. 20: Tennessee Titans – Peter Konz, Wisconsin, C

Would be a huge help for their run game. While they have other needs, Konz is going to make the biggest difference.

No. 21: Cincinnati Bengals – Melvin Ingram, South Carolina, DE

Ingram has high potential. He’s super athletic and still improving. He’ll play LB for the Bengals.

No. 22: Cleveland Browns – Josh Robinson, Central Florida, CB

While not from a big school Robinson is the real deal. He’ll become a probowl player next to Haden. Others have Dre Kirkpatrick above Robinson, but I disagree.

No. 23: Detroit Lions – Jonathan Martin, Stanford, OT

Give the Lions help at tackle for the oft injured Stafford.

No. 24: Pittsburgh Steelers – Dontari Poe, Memphis, DT

Gives the Steelers a young NT with a high potential. He could also be a bust without proper coaching or motivation.

No. 25: Denver Broncos – Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin, G

Gives the Broncos help on their weak O-line.

No. 26: Houston Texans -Michael Floyd, Notre Dame, WR

The Texans get a huge steal at a position of great need. He’ll play alongside Johnson when Johnson’s not injured and for him when he is.

No. 27: New England Patriots – Jerel Worthy, Michigan St., DT

While I”m not super high on him, he does fill a need if he pans out. I’m scared away by his average production.

No. 28: Green Bay Packers – Nick Perry, Southern Cal, OLB

The Packers need to increase their sack total from last year. Perry gives the Packers a good complement to Clay Matthews.

No. 29: Baltimore Ravens – Mychal Kendricks, Cal, ILB

Kendricks has the athleticism to eventually take over for Ray Lewis, who will help him reach his potential.

No. 30: San Francisco 49ers – Kendall Wright, Baylor, WR

Gives the 9ers a super productive receiver to train behind Moss.

No. 31: New England Patriots – Harrison Smith, Notre Dame, FS

Smith has good production and athleticism to be an early contributer.

No. 32: New York Giants – Coby Fleener, Stanford, TE

Gives the Giants a great receiving TE to work with on offense.

More NFL Mocks

NFL Mock Draft Database

Round 1 – No. 23 overall Gabe Carimi, OT Wisconsin: Our O-line was terrible last year.  We’ve needed to improve it for years.  Is this the year that we finally pull the trigger.  Carimi is a very good pass blocker and a dominant run blocker – just what we need.

Round 2 – No. 54 overall Davon House, CB New Mexico State:  He is from a small school, but has great stats and a great combine.  I’m comfortable having him start next to Asante.

Round 3 – No. 85 overall round 2 Dontay Moch, OLB Nevada: We need at least one new starting linebacker.  Moch might be better in the 3-4 but I think that he can play the 4-3 as well.  He has very good straight speed, but is not as great side to side. Overall he had great stats as a rush linebacker/DE in college.  My only concern would be his coverage ability.


Moch - Could he be the next trotter?

Round 4 – No. 104 overall (from Washington) Mason Foster, LB Washington: had an amazing senior year with 163 tackles, 14 for a loss, 6.5 sacks and 3 passes broken up.  His measureables were alright at the combine, but I would like to see him improve at his pro day.  He seems to have good instincts  and is alright in pass coverage.  His run defense seemed like his strong point.

Round 4 – No. 120 overall Brandon Hogan, CB West Virginia: Statically he was better than most CBs, but he tore his ACL in December.  He seems to have good speed and is someone that we could take a chance on.  I would feel more comfortable drafting two CBs even though Trevor Lindley looks like he has potential.

Round 5 – No. 149 overall (from San Diego) Brandon Fusco, C Slippery Rock: A center with good size and power to compete for a starting position.

Round 5 – No. 153 overall Roy Helu, RB Nebraska: Helu has good speed and great cutting ability.  He has good size and statistics including over 1200 yards and a 6.6 yard average his senior year.  He could run lower with more power though.  If he is still around in the 5th round he would be a steal.  We could use a back up running back, but even if we needed a starter, I would never spend a high pick on one.  You can get quality running backs late in the draft.

Round 7 – No. 228 overall (from Seattle) Mark LeGree, FS Appalachian State: He has good size one of the better combines, posting under a 7 3-cone and under 4.5 in the 40.  He had a total of 22 interceptions in his career and 10 in one year.  I would take him in the sixth too if we need to trade up.

Round 7 – No. 236 overall (compensatory selection) Mike Person. OG Montana State: More ammunition for the O-line.  He has the best leg strength of any guard.  Small school prospects are typically underrated.

Round 7 – No. 239 overall (compensatory selection) Aldrick Robinson, WR Southern Methodist: He is one of the most athletic WRs and had an awesome senior year at 1300 yards and 14 TDs.  Once again – another underrated small school prospect.

FAScott Lutrus, OLB Connecticut: He has pretty good size, speed and decent stats.  He had really good stats his first two years, but then declined.  He is worth taking a chance on late.

Mizenko’s Mock Draft

Round 1: Anthony Castonozo OT/OG BC- After watching practice there is no way the kid from Wisconsin gets to this part of the draft.  But I actually like Castonozo better.  He will start for us at RT from day one and he could also play RG.  We love players that can play multiple positions and this kid fits that mold.  Plus he is mean.  Would I like the kid from Wisconsin?  Yes but this is a nice pick for us too.

Round 2: Rodney Hudson OG/OC FSU- We may have to trade up a few spots to get him by the time the draft rolls around, but it will be worth it.  With that said, Hudson could fall to the bottom part of round 2 as well, because teams will worry about his size.  But the kid is an athletic guard who can play center.  I do think he will start for us at RG from day one as well.

Round 3: Brooks Reed DE Arizona-  I’ve seen a few Arizona games and this guy always sticks out, always. Now that can partially be attributed to his long, flowing locks of hair but it can also be attributed to his on field demeanor, the guy plays like a man possessed. The one play that sticks out in my mind was on the last drive in the game against Iowa, Reed sacked Stanzi to put the game on ice. His appearance and demeanor on the field are really reminiscent of Clay Matthews IMO, he probably doesn’t have the same amount of skill but he really does remind me of Clay. This is another guy who just leaves his heart on the field every Saturday. Brooks Reed could probably move to LB but I think he will be just fine at DE too. Reed does a great job with a variety of pass rush moves to run around, through, and over opposing offensive linemen. He is an incredible athlete but for some reason that doesn’t really translate to a real explosive athlete on the field, personally I think its more of a technique issue so its fixable. His athleticism flashes on the field when he is closing in on quarterbacks and he even displays potential in coverage because of his athleticism. Unlike a bunch of other players Reed makes the little plays, guys like Richard Quinn, Aldon Smith and Allen Bailey will go above him but Reed is more fundamentally sound and disciplined than any of those 3 I mentioned (in case you didn’t figure it out I like this guy)

Round 4: Jalil Brown CB Colorado- He stood out at practice, he is very fluid and plays the ball very well.  Nice height, thick build and good speed for an NFL corner. Mirrors receivers off the line with quick feet, stays with man on outside-in fakes and down the sideline. Good zone awareness, keeps his eyes in the backfield to come up on passes to the flat. Long arms and awareness allow him to break up throws or reach for interceptions. Holds up against receiver blocks, even attacking them at times, forces run plays inside and can shed to make a play. Goes for the strip when ball-carriers are held up. Willing to go inside to support the run when uncovered, also has the speed to catch backs from behind.  His only flaw is that he is sometimes too aggressive and get burnt on double moves, I can live with that.  I also think we are going to bring in a CB via free agency (I don’t think it will be the CB from the raiders, but someone like Joesph from Bengals)

Round 4: Andre Smith TE Virginia Tech- I know, I know…. not a need.  Well I disagree, Celek is a good receiving TE and so is Clay Harbor, what Smith adds is NASTY to the position along with great skill.  And he is a beast (6-4 272)  Led the tight ends with 21 knockdown blocks … Also played a major role on special teams, starting on four different units …  Provides a big target with excellent hands.  I will say that he becomes that big TE that we never had and will be our #2 TE come opening day.

Round 5: Kendrick Burney CB UNC- I love this kid, he is Eric McMillen from the “glory days of our D”  Burney isn’t the biggest corner at 5-9, 181, but he was impressive both with the ball in the air and in using his speed effectively. He also made the play of the morning when he made a sweet adjustment on a pass thrown behind both he and the receiver.

Round 5: Jeremy Kerley WR/KR/PR TCU- Love this kid, he will be our 5th WR to start and he will be our starting PR and KR.  He is the best returner in this class (in my opinion)

Round 6: Chas Henry P Florida- You can understand the importance of a punter till you see.  One of the reasons the Pack won this weekend was because of their punter.  He kept the ball away from Hester and I believe he pinned the Bears inside the 10 at least twice.  Its hard for any team to go 80 or 90 yards in any league, and we dont force that, Chas Henry will help us alot there.

Round 6: Mario Harvey ILB Marshall- I like this kid, I think he will add depth (and good special teams play) to the MLB spot.  Now I do think this is a position we will address via free agency, but Harvey reminds me a little of Sam Mills.  Now with that added depth this could allow Bradley to play the SAM-Chaney to play MIKE-Clayton/Greenway/FA signing.

Round 7: Josh Jasper K LSU- PK Josh Jasper not only is one of the nation’s top kickers (26-for-31 on field goals), he also handles “pooch punting” responsibilities and downed 14 of his 21 attempts inside the opponent’s 20-yard line. This pick is because I’m not sure if Akers will be back or if he even wants to be back.

Mizenko’s Post Season Mock

First I think the eagles will address their OL issues during FA.  I feel they will be more active in FA this year due to the youth of their team.  Our OL is young (avg age of OL that have played this year is 23.3 yrs old) so why would they attempt to get younger.  In my opinion, this is a weak draft class for OL, while next years class will be very strong. I think the Eagles will sign two or three of these FA: Carl Nicks (NO), Logan Mankins (NE), Davin Joseph (TB), Ryan Kalil (CAR), Jermon Bushrod (NO).

Carl Nicks Dominates

Round 1: Brandon Harris CB Miami– I like the way Lindley has been playing so he adds hope. He could start along side Asante next year, and Harris will be our third.  I also like the way Brandon Hughes played against the Cowboys on Sunday, giving me hope that he could be our 5th CB.  Our 4th CB will come later in the draft

Round 2:  Muhammad Wilkerson DT Temple– This had been my “guy” in almost every Eagles mock that I have done.  He is a beast (6-4 310) and his agility is impressive for his size, as is his hustle to close on ballcarriers in the backfield or track them down from behind (his 70 tackles are a high number for a defensive lineman). He also has the versatility to play  DE when needed.  I don’t like Bunk, and I think the reason that Dixon is so “dominate” for us is because he is the only NFL size DT we have.  Dixon is 6-3 330 and the others all hover around 6-2 300.  We need better push to help our edge rushers.

Round 3: Chimdi Chekwa CB Ohio St– I love this kid, he is a physical CB that played lots of man in college.  He has great speed (4.45) and is as mentally tough as they come.  He can easily become our 4th CB.

Round 4: Kelvin Sheppard ILB/WILL– Although I love our young LB, I dont think Akeem Jordan or Omar Gaither should/will be back.  Sheppard can play multiple LB postions (started at WILL in ’07 before moving to ILB for the rest of his career.  He is a leader, in every sense of the word and will add depth of a improving group of young LB’s.

Round 4: Tim Barnes C Missouri– Yes, I said that we will address through FA but I don’t think we will pay Ryan Kalil the money he is going to want and he is the best C in the game.  Thats why we will draft Barnes here.  Barnes, while physically gifted, is also a leader on the field and in the locker room. He won the 2009 Team Underclassmen Leadership Award.  Every team needs a player like Barnes.

Round 5: Tejay Johnson S TCU– Not sure if Nate Allen will be ok for this upcoming year.  Johnson can play both FS and SS and will add insurance and depth to go along with Kurt Coleman (who will start next year regardless of Allen)

Round 5: Tyrod Taylor QB Va Tech– I love the kid, he idolized Vick and wants to play/learn from him in the NFL.

Round 6: Derrick Locke RB/WR/KR/PR Kentucky– He’s worth the pick here.  He can make our team based simply on his return skills.

Round 7: Brandon Blair DE Oregon– a bit on the older side but at this point…..