Size and School

Ht.6-2 Wt. 268LBS Michigan


40 time: 4.71
Twenty Yard: 2.69
Ten yard: 1.61
Bench Reps: 31
Vert. Jump:
Broad Jump:


2005 2 1 0.0 0.0
2006 14 19 8.0 3.5
2007 12 19 8.0 3.5
2008 13 76 16.0 7.5
2009 14 85 24.0 12.0
Totals 55 200 56.0 26.5


Terenna’s Analysis

He had great production.  I love DEs that get a lot of tackles because then I know that they not only disrupt the line but make the play.  I think that he is going to be a dominating DE.  He has limited combine information, but has good speed.  I would love to see his cone number.  It’s too bad that he got injured.  Maybe that will help him fall to us though.   I think that it’s very important for DEs and DTs.  Video: He gets good push in the run and can get off blocks easily.  He also gets push on the pass and can bull rush.  He has good speed and good closing speed.  He is a very good wrap up tackler.  I think that he is very good in the run game.  A lot of people say that he is a linebacker and maybe he can be or is, but I think that he can play DE also in a 4-3.  I saw him spin move, rip move and bull rush.  He kind of reminds me of Dwight Freeney from Indi.  They both seem built, very strong and fast.  I think that he is going to be a great player right away even though it usually takes DEs some time to adjust to the nfl.  I am extatic that we took Brandon Graham.  He was the player that I wanted.  He is going to be a superstar on the D line!
Score: Production 9.5 Athleticism: 9 (with limited information) Game tape Analysis: 10

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