Einstein: He is a genius

Terenna has been described as a man of an iron will. His bold innovations have changed reality itself. Now he brings you…Eagles Domination.

Like I said, I’m Brian Terenna.  In years past I’ve spent tons of time looking at statistics, combine numbers, and watching player video.  I decided that I might as while record it all in a website and share it with other people.  My favorite thing ever would be to create and build though the draft a NFL expansion team, but that will likely never happen.  It would also be amazing to be the general manager or in some way be involved in drafting players for the Eagles.  In the meantime I’m going to keep scouting because I find it challenging and enjoyable.  I think that Mike Mayock’s analysis  is the best of all the famous draft experts and would love to be able to learn from him.  I remember one example of how he talked up Brandon Flowers a few years ago when other analysts had him ranked lower.  In only two years Brandon Flowers has 134 tackles 36 passes defended and 7 interceptions.  Not a bad start.  Alright, now I’m rambling.  So I’ll stop this thought here…

I commentated Lehigh University football on their college radio station for one year before I graduated, which was a great experience.  I’m an avid fantasy football player and have been very successful.    I’m also writing a post apocalyptic Science Fiction book which I hope to finish the first draft by the end of Summer 2010.

I can be contacted here.