Overall Grade – A

Round 1 – Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi St.A

I love this pick.  He is the guy I wanted and he’s nearly a can’t miss prospect.  Fletcher Cox will be one of the bets DTs in the NFL within a few years.  He’s nearly unblockable.  He’s the most athletic DT, is instinctive and uses his hands well.  He was only a junior when he came out, so he’s only 21.  This is the best Eagles first round pick in a long time.    

Round 2 – Mychal Kendricks, LB, Cal A-

Kendricks has a lot of potential to be a very good linebacker.  He is super athletic and was productive in college.  At times he looked a little weak on tape.  I’d like to see him put on 10 lbs of muscle and he will be dominant.

Round 2 – Vinny Curry, DE, MarshallA –

I like Vinny Curry a lot.  I also love that he’s an Eagles fan.  Curry is one of the more athletic DEs.  High athleticism was one of the overall trends of this draft.  Curry is strong and relentless.  He has great change of direction ability, but not elite speed off the edge.

Round 3 – Nick Foles, QB, Arizona – B

Nike Foles is a developmental prospect.  He has great size and has the potential to develop into a starter.  His  footwook are some what questionable, however he did complete nearly 70% of his passes during his senior year.

Round 4 – Brandon Boykin, CB/KR, Georgia – A

I love this pick for the 4th round.  Boykin has a chance to develop into a starter early on.  He’s one of the most athletic CBs and was productive throughout his college career.  He can also return kicks and punts.

Round 5 – Dennis Kelly, OT, Purdue – C

I’m not very impressed with Kelly.  He has good size, but isn’t very athletic.  There were better prospects available at this pick.

Round 6 – Marvin McNutt Jr, WR, Iowa – A

I really like McNutt for the 6th round.  He was very productive his senior year.  According to his measurables he’s more athletic than Blackmon and bigger.  McNutt has a good opportunity to make the team and eventually be our third or fourth receiver.

Round 6 – Brandon Washington, OL, Miami – B –

While I think that Washington is more likely to pan out than Kelly, I don’t love him.  He’s got good size, but isn’t very athletic.

Round 7 – Bryce Brown, RB, Kansas State – A

Brown was a solid pick for the 7th round.  He has good size at 230 lbs and good overall athleticism.  He was also a highly recruited high school player.  He has very little experience in college, only playing one full year.  He has good vision and has a good change to make the team as the third RB.