If we want a winning team, we need to…

By: Terenna

1.  Coaching– Andy Reid needs to leave.  Release Howard Mudd.  Release Juan Castillo. Then allow the new coach to keep or release the other assistant coaches.  I want a head coach that believes in power and dominating the trenches.  It’s how you win a Superbowl.  I just read a rumor that Juan might be going and Steve Spagnuolo could return as Reid’s defensive coordinator.  That would be a step in the right direction.

No longer the Answer

2.  Overall Defense – I  would began to draft, trade and pick up defensive players fit for a 3-4 defensive system.  I would move Brandon Graham and Trent Cole to linebacker.  I would keep Chaney in at LB and I would draft another high round LB.  I would then move Cullen Jenkins to DE, bring in another mid round DE prospect or FA and then draft a high round Nose Tackle.  We can’t make the switch until we bring in a good Powerful Nose Tackle.

3.  The Run Defense (if we keep our current system)- The wide 9 is undoubtedly a good system for getting sacks with your front four.  The two concerns about the wide 9 are, that the D line leaves huge run gaps and that they are only responsible for one gap.   It’s not their responsibility to play two gaps to try to stop the run.    Solution: We can do one of two things.  Either move away from the wide 9 system entirely or bring in a big run stuffing inside linebacker and a run stuffing safety for running downs.  Our run defense has been terrible at times and gives up the 11th worst rushing average.  I would spend two of my top four picks on Linebackers.  I would also allow Brandon Graham to convert to inside linebacker.  He has the athleticism and size to be a dominant run stuffing LB.

4.  The Goal Line Offense and Power Rushing – We can’t beat the D-line when rushing for short yardage, up the center.  We are third in negative plays up the center and third to last  in Rush Pwr [up the center] = Percentage of rushes on 3rd or 4th down with 2 or fewer yards to go that achieved a first down or TD. Also includes rushes on 1st-and-goal and 2nd-and-goal from the opponent’s 2-yard line or closer (NFL.com).  Howard Mudd likes to have smaller more athletic centers and guards which is good at running on the outside because of pulling O-line men, but terrible up the front because they are small and weak.  I would also release Howard Mudd.  I’m not a fan of his system.  Power wins games.    Solution: Change the O-line system and increase strength and power.   Draft another center and a guard and allow Jamaal Jackson to compete for the starting job.  I would spend two of our top 4 picks on offensive linemen.

5.  Drafting and Free Agency (if our system doesn’t change) – Top needs 1. Linebacker 2. Guard 3. Center 4. Guard 5. Safety (run-stuffing).  I would consider trading Asomugha for a run stuffing linebacker if we can’t find one in the draft.  Dominique Rodgers Cromartie’s stats are as good as Asomugha’s despite playing less. They’ve both been burned by big plays, but based on DRC’s young age and past production I would rather keep him.

6.  GM and Draft War Room – The Eagles could improve their drafting success, but hiring me.   I can be contacted here.  My Top 5 Prospects for the Eagles 2010 draft has been pretty successful.  Take a Look.   LeGarrette Blount RB, Victor Cruz WR  were late round steels .  Alterraun Verner CB and Navorro Bowman OLB are mid-round superstars.  Jared Veldheer OT and Maurkice Pouncey C/G are great and our O-line would be able to convert short yardage.  Especially with Blount running behind it.