Round 1: 23 (23)  Philadelphia Eagles: OG Danny Watkins, Baylor

Love the pick. He was my number 1 guard on my draft board. I had him ahead of Pouncy. We struggled mightily last year protecting Vick and honestly it was mostly the interior of our OL. Well, problem solved. Watkins will be the starter from day 1 at right guard. He brings something we have not had since Jon Runyn…. Nastiness. Great pick. (A)

Round 2: 22 (54)  Philadelphia Eagles: SS Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple

Next Dawkins?

Again love this pick. Brian Dawkins said he reminded him of himself. Again, this kid brings something we have not had since weapon X, Nastiness! Jarrett excels at coming downhill against the run, and his ferocious nature will add toughness to the unit. If he can improve his cover skills, he could find himself playing a major role in the Eagles’ secondary. Lets just say when he hits you… you go down. ( Now I have seen Temple play 8 games last year, and he was the best player on the field every time. Great pick. Now some say it was a reach, but I don’t think so. I got word that he was not going to make it out of the second round. He will be our starting safety, along side Nate Allen. (A)

Round 3: 26 (90)  Philadelphia Eagles (from Baltimore): CB Curtis Marsh, Utah State

Like this pick to. I thought he was a good CB, that needs some coaching. The NFL agreed with me. Here is what a analyst had to say “The Eagles take another athletic defensive back with the selection of Marsh. He is a press corner with the size and speed to run with quick receivers on the edge, and his emerging instincts make him an intriguing addition. Marsh should compete for time immediately as a nickel or dime corner for the Eagles.” And I agree. Now I’m not saying that we are solid at CB yet, but I believe that the Eagles will make a big splash in FA. We have lots of money to spend, and the eagles have proven in the past to spend big on CB’s. And don’t be surprised to see this kid starting and being considered a “steal” two or three years down the road. Again, not a reach, he was high on lots of draft boards. (B)

Round 4: 19 (116)  Philadelphia Eagles (from Tampa Bay):  MLB Casey Matthews, Oregon

Once again, not to be a broken record but I love this pick. He was my favorite LB not named Von Miller. The Eagles nab an instinctive middle linebacker with the selection of Matthews. He has an outstanding feel for the game and finds a way to get to the ball. His vision, instincts and production will make it hard to keep him out of the lineup. If he’s not starting on opening day, he will be by mid-season. I think that he will play in the middle and move Bradley to SAM (remember if Bradley walks we get a 2nd round pick next year for him) So Bradley at SAM, Matthews at MIKE, and Chaney at WILL. Not bad at all. And as you can see from this video (and I watched all of Oregon’s games this year) he is always around the ball and is never out of position. ( Some people question is athletic ability, and compared to his brother he is not as athletic, but he did play against some of the best athletes in the country in the PAC 10 and he did more that hold his own. Finally in my opinion Matthews is a tough, throwback, old-school linebacker. Again he will bring something to this defense that we have not had since Trotter, Nastiness and attitude. (A-)

Round 4: 23 (120)  Philadelphia Eagles: PK Alex Henery, Nebraska

I actually like this kid. He was the best kicker in college football, and Henery is a confident and poised, with very good leg strength and accuracy. Plus he is a punter, so he only takes up 1 roster spot for 2 positions. Plus Akers was inconsistent at best the last few years and didn’t want to sign his contract tender. This kid is also Mr. Clutch….. I found this from on the BGN beat writers (I think this sums it up best) “Henery missed just 2 kicks inside the 50 yard line in his entire career at Nebraska, and just 1 from inside the 40.  This was at Nebraska, mind you, which isn’t exactly the same at kicking in the Superdome.   And he’s not just an accurate kicker – He has an enormous leg, as he drilled 7 kicks of over 50 yards.  But is he clutch, you might ask?  He sure is.  In the Big 12 Title Game in 2009, he nailed a 52 yarder that gave Nebraska the lead over the Texas Longhorns with under 2 minutes to go.  And oh by the way, he punts too.  The Eagles grab by far and away the best kicker in this class, and get themselves a stellar player for the next decade. (B)

Round 5: 18 (149) Philadelphia Eagles (from San Diego): RB Dion Lewis, Pittsburgh

Great value, great pick. Absolute steal at this point of the draft. Dion Lewis will be our number 2 back and his is great receiver out of the back field. He needs to get better at picking up blitzes but a writer from Pro Football Weekly said it best: “A very good value in the fifth round, Lewis is a poor man’s Brian Westbrook and runs with good base, balance and vision. He lacks ideal height, but he is by no means small and could fit a niche role for the Eagles as a change-of-pace back.” (A)

Round 5: 30 (161)  Philadelphia Eagles (from N.Y. Jets): OG Julian Vandervelde, Iowa

This is a pick that at first I questioned, then I realized the Howard Mudd factor. I wanted DeMarcus Love here at first, but he no longer fits what the Eagles OL is going to be or look like. The days of 350 lb OL men are gone. Howard Mudd like smaller, athletic, quick and intelligent OL prospects. Well Vandervelde is all the above and he has the attitude and nastiness to match. He was quoted as saying:
“”Once I am in a camp and make that impression on a team I want to earn a starting job. I don’t want to be the second man. I will fight until I am starting. I want to keep getting better each year to become as good of a player as I can be.”
So with all of that info on Mudd and his very, and I mean very successful track record with the OL. I like this pick. (B- for now…..)

Round 6: 26 (191)  Philadelphia Eagles (from Baltimore): C Jason Kelce, Cincinnati

First of all we have a great, maybe AWESOME track record with drafting kids from Cincinnati in the later rounds (See: Brent Celek and Trent Cole). Now that’s not guarantee that Kelce will pan out. The guys from BGN said this: “He’s drawing comparisons to former Broncos center Tom Nalen, for his impressive footwork, agility, and mean streak.  This pick has Howard Mudd written all over it. “ After reading this I poked around, and this was a Howard Mudd pick. He see’s something in this kid, and again, with his track record (and this is his type of player- he ran the fastest 40 time of any OL at the combine) I have to like this pick as well. (C+)

Round 6: 28 (193) Philadelphia Eagles (from New England):  OLB Brian Rolle, Ohio State

I didn’t like this pick at first, my reaction was “Great another undersized LB” and yes he is undersized (5-9 225). But he can fly in a straight line and clocked mid-4.5 times that have translated well to special-teams coverage, where he can expect to compete for a job on the Eagles. With that said, I watched a lot of Ohio St Games this year, and he was by far the best LB on the field at most times. His size kept him from being a top 50 pick. But boy oh boy can he cover, an area the Eagles struggled with last year. And he plays angry and with a chip on his shoulder, he was quoted as saying that he was just as good if not better that Von Miller…. every team needs a player like this, he can play in the nickel package and he will be eventually be a special teams MVP. Here is Rolle’s quote “People who say (size) is an issue, they must not have seen any film,” Rolle said, “because put on Von Miller (the draft’s top-rated linebacker, from Texas A&M) and put me on film, and everything he does, I can do just as well. So scouts and coaches – guys who actually watch film and evaluate me – I’m pretty sure they know I can play football.” (B-)

Round 7: 34 (237) Philadelphia Eagles (compensatory selection): ILB Greg Lloyd, Connecticut

I like the pick. I would have liked the kid from BC here, but once the CBA is figured out and the Eagles can sign UFA, I think he will be one who we sign. With that said, when healthy Lloyd is a beast of a MLB. He is a big guy (6-2 260) and he is a nasty presence inside the box, he will stuff the run. If he can get back from a pretty nasty injury, the Eagles could potentially have found themselves a player here. But he’s a long shot like all 7th rounders. (C+ based on health)

37 (240) Philadelphia Eagles (compensatory selection): FB Stanley Havili, USC

True west coast FB. He’s not much of a blocker, but he is a very capable runner and receiver. He played a lot of TB at USC in their one back sets. This is where I would have liked Lee Ziemba from Aubrun. But having watched a lot of USC games this year, I think he will make the team as a FB and third (big) RB. And its funny, he really does not block well, but he runs harder than any RB I have seen this year. Solid pick. (B)