Great Picks

The Eagles had some great picks, but had they listened to me they would have had better ones.  There were steals throughout the draft and we should have had more of them.  We did match on 3 of the players that were drafted though, and we shortly had Joique Bell on our team whom I targeted.

RB 27 Blount, LeGarrette ACT CAR 201 YDS 1,007 AVG 5.0 TDS 6
I had LeGarrette in my best prospects of round 6. He went undrafted and was cut by the Titans before landing on Tampa Bay. He was a troubled running back in college, but like I said, I would have taken a chance on him because of his talent and look how great he did in his rookie year.

SS 43 Ward, T.J. ACT TCKL 123 SCK 0.0 FF 1 INT 2
I had ward projected to go in the third round. Anytime you get a safety with over a hundred tackles in their first year, you have to feel pretty good about him especially when you get them in the third round. He lead all rookies in tackles and had 10 passes defended.

B 20 Verner, Alterraun ACT TCKL 101 SCK 0.0 FF 1 INT 3
I had Verner going in the third round and I liked him a lot. In his rookie year he not only went over a hundred tackles, which is impressive for a CB and was second among rookies in tackles. He also 11 passes defended.  If we had drafted Verner like I wanted we wouldn’t have had to worry about our CB opposite Samuels and our Defense would have been much improved.

Imagine if Verner was opposite Samules!

Shows potential

QB 12 McCoy, Colt ACT TDS 6 INT 9 YDS 1,576 RTG 74.5
McCoy looked pretty good as a rookie QB who fell to the third round. He completed over 60% of his passes and had a few very good games. He need to further develop in his second year, but he could end up being a steal.

MLB 51 Chaney, Jamar ACT TCKL 42 SCK 0.0 FF 1 INT —
Chaney only started in 2 games, but racked up 42 tackles on the year. At times he looked very good and certainly had a nose for the ball. He racked up 16 tackles in a single game. I would like to see Chaney put on some weight and strength for next year and believe that he can start at either outside linebacker or inside linebacker.

Other successes

Emmanuel Sanders | #88 | WR Was the third receiver for a Superbowl team.
EC 28 YDS 376 AVG 13.4 TDS 2

Earl Thomas | #29 | DB – Would have been a good pick for us, but Nate Allen was great also.
TCKL 76 SCK 0.0 FF 1 INT 5

James Starks | #44 | RB – Had 315 yards in the play offs and started for the winning Superbowl team. Didn’t start running until the end of the year, but is clearly a good running back. Running backs can be found late! He was drafted in the 6th round.
CAR 29 YDS 101 AVG 3.5 TDS 0

Cody Grimm | #35 | LB – Only started 9 games before getting injured, but was playing very well in those 9 games. Grimm was taken after the draft in Free Agency. What a steal! I knew he was worthy drafting.
TCKL 57 SCK 0.0 FF 1 INT 2

Maurkice Pouncey | #53 | C – Started all 16 games and was voted into the Probowl.  Imagine if we had Pouncey playing center last year.  Our line would have been much improved.

I also think that Joique Bell RB and Victor Cruz WR are going to light it up next year just like they did in preseason this year. While both players showed tons of potential, Cruz got injured and Bell is still looking for a chance to start. Both Cruz and Bell were undrafted Rookies that I targeted as good players.