Game Notes

Another Eagles victory!  The Eagles beat the Jaguars 28-3 and move to 2-1 to lead the division.  There were many positives in the game but also several negatives.

Michael Oher - We could really use him!


The Big play – The Offense put up points and looked very good at times.  The play calling was not very balanced at 31 passes to 21 rushes and we relied heavily on the big play, much like our offenses of old.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the big play, but we will also need to drive the ball down the field at times.  There were several games over the last few years where teams shut down our big play and then we couldn’t drive the ball to score.

The Defense was great overall.  We held the Jaguars to 3 points and 184 yards with a 2.7 yard per play average.  They also managed 6 sacks and an interception.  We pressured the quarterback, shut down the big play and shut down their run game.  Does Stewart Bradley’s return make that much of a difference?  I’m not sure if it was him, if the Jaguars offense is just terrible or if the Eagles D just stepped it up big time.  The Jaguars put up 24 and 13 points in the first two games, so I tend to think that the Eagles defense stepped it up.

Trent Cole – How many times do I have to talk about this guy?  He is just awesome.  He managed 8 tackles and 2 sacks.  He also tipped a ball.  He makes plays in every game.   I don’t know where we would be without him.

I wanted to mention how Juqua Parker has been playing great every week.  He doesn’t get a lot of playing time but he has 4 sacks in three games.  Keep up the good work Juqua.

Trever Laws has stepped it up big times this year.  He finished the game with 6 tackles, a sack and two passes defended.  He looks quicker and more powerful than he did in his first two years.  I’m very happy with him so far.

Michael Vick was impressive again.  He finished the game 17/31 for 291 yards and 3 TDs.  He also rushed 4 times for 30 yards and a TD.  Vick threw amazing deep balls even when under pressure.  I’ve been extremely impressed with his deep ball accuracy.  Some of his other passes were less accurate though and his completion percentage was down to 54.8 this week, which was much lower than his first two games.  To be fair to him, a few of those passes were dropped though and our offensive line is terrible.


Mike Bell – He just always looks terrible.  He only had a 2.8 yard average on his 5 carries and couldn’t’ convert one yard in two plays.  He might have been ripped off by the call the second time, but I’m still not impressed with Bell.  I have no idea why they use him so much.

It’s kind of ridiculous to put a guy in the negative column who had 5 catches for 153 yards and a TD, but I’m going to do it anyway.  DeSean Jackson had great stats and for that he is a major positive.  At the same time he didn’t get both feet in bounds on one play and just looked like he was lazy.  On another play he dropped a ball that he should have caught because he was going to take a hit.  He also didn’t recognize where the first down marker was on a play and didn’t make the first down because he was trying for more.

Offensive line – Our offensive line is horrible.  They can simply not pass block.  The pocket seems to collapse on ever play giving Vick nothing to step up into.   He was  hit 10 times and sacked 3 times.  The only play that Vick had time to pass on was when we kept in two running backs to block.  We need to address the O-line.  They area also not great run blockers, but LeSean has had success on draw plays to minimize their weakness.

Ellis Hobbs got beat deep again this game and had to take a pass interference penalty.  I’m not complete sure about Hobbs yet.  Sometimes he looks pretty good and then other times he looks terrible.  He did nearly intercept a ball though.


The Eagles need to run LeSean McCoy more and get the ball to him on short passes.  He is much better than Mike Bell.  LeSean only had 11 runs.  He should be running about 20 times again.

Bench Mike Bell.

Draft offensive lineman in rounds one and two next year.  The Eagles have been trying to piece meal their O-line for a while now.  Just suck it up and draft some O-lineman like I’ve been saying for the last few years.  We need first round talent on our line.