Key one:

Now that Vick is that starter he needs to continue to pay at a high level  – Michael Vick has the 4th highest QB rating at after two games at 105.5.  He has also rushed for 140 yards with a 7.4 yard average.  He has contributed 299.5 yards of offense per game even though he didn’t play the entire first game.  For the Eagles offense to be successful Vick needs to be successful.

Key Two:

The defense needs to cover the TEs and RBs – The Eagles linebackers did a very poor job of covering these positions versus the Lions.   Stewart Bradley’s return should be the key to improving our coverage of TEs and RBs.  He will need to be at 100% for the Eagles to have the best chance to win the game.

Key Three:

The defense needs to stop the run!– During the first half against the Lions the Eagles run defense was shredded, but by the second half they fixed the problem.  They need to make sure that the problem stays fixed because if they don’t Jones-Drew is going to hurt them.