Game Notes

The Eagles won the game, but it was by no means an easy win.  During the first half the Lions run game lead by Jahvid Best, could not be stopped.  During the Lions’ second drive they ran six straight times for a touchdown.  The Eagles defense simply looked lost against the run until the second half when Omar Gaither stepped it up in a big way.  By the third quarter the Eagles had a comfortable lead or so I thought.  The Lions came back in a big way scoring 15 points and nearly tying up the game.  It was a nail bitter, but a win is a win.  There were also several positives to build off of.

LeSean steps it up!

LeSean McCoy looked great running the ball.  His cuts were crisp and he showed very good balance.  He ran mostly out of the shotgun formation on draws which I think helped him, but he really looks much better in his second year.  He finished the game with 16 rushes for 120 yards and 3 touchdowns.  McCoy should get the ball more and only should sit out of a play if he is tired.  Our other running backs are not very good, especially Mike Bell.  He also hauled in 4 passes for 8 yards.  He would have done better on the catches, but Vick didn’t place the ball in good position for LeSean to make the plays.  Vick was however much better on his deep routes.

The Offense looked good in general putting up 35 points with a balanced attack.  Michael Vick was the key to the offenses success.  He finished the game 21/34 for 284 yards and two touchdowns.  He also ran for 37 yards.  It was Vick’s play that opened up the run game for LeSean McCoy.  Vick made play after play.  I was particularly impressed when he flipped the ball on a deep pass while being hit to DeSean Jackson.  The ball was in perfect position and DeSean appeared to make the catch, but the referees didn’t give it to him.  In fact Vick made several accurate throws while being hit.  I wasn’t impressed by everyone of Vick’s throws though.  He wasn’t accurate on his short throws and by all rights should have had at least two interceptions.  The Lions didn’t make the plays though.

The Defense wasn’t nearly as impressive as the offense but did make a few plays.  Our linebackers simply couldn’t cover the TE just like last year or the running back Jahvid Best.  Best finished the game with 9 catches for 154 yards and a TD and Pettigrew had 7 catches for 108 yards.  They allowed the Lions to put up 32 points and 444 yards.  They also almost allowed a large comeback.  I was impressed with two short yardage stops fairly late in the game on a 3rd and 1 play and a 4th and 1 play.

I also was disappointed in the amount of penalties that the Eagles got which was 9 for 75 yards.  They need to clean up their play if they want to win more games.

The special teams kick and put return coverage was improved, which was a big relief since they were terrible in preseason and in week one.  Our return game wasn’t very impressive and I would consider putting in Jorrick Calvin the rookie CB to give it a spark.  Sav Rocca punted well and placed two punts within the 20 yard line.   I didn’t like when the Eagles couldn’t keep the ball out of the end zone on a punt.  One player tried to stop the ball but failed when he held it while walking into the end zone.


Mike Bell – Looked terrible.  He was a lead blocker on a few plays and simply couldn’t block anyone.  He also ran 4 times for 0 yards and had a hand in injuring Jason Peters.  It’s not like the injury was really his fault, but it doesn’t make me like him any more.  I heard some rumors that the Eagles would be signing Joique Bell (I was impressed with Joique while looking at running backs to draft, click the link to see more).  It’s possible that Mike Bell will be cut to make room for Joique and I welcome the move.

Stand out players

Michael Vick – He had another very good game and sparked off a greater QB controversy.  I would like to see him work on his accuracy on his short passes, but was otherwise very impressed.

Trent Cole – He made two huge plays on 3rd downs.  On one he swatted down the ball and the other he pressured the QB to prevent the completion.  Trent Cole is a great player week in and week out.

DeSean Jackson – He finished the game with 4 catches for 135 yards and a TD.  DeSean made play after play.  He seems like he is always open and caught several deep balls.  He also nearly caught another huge catch, but it was called back by the officials.

QB situation for the next game

I understand why the Eagles want to start Kolb, but I wish that we could start Vick.  Reid wants Kolb to play because of his big long-term contract.  Vick’s contract is up after this year.  If we are going to start Vick, we would need to trade Kolb and after week one, who would want him.  Reid needs to see if Kolb can play before the end of the year.  If he can’t, we could resign Vick and trade/cut Kolb.  I personally think that our offense is going to take a step back with Kolb under center, but we don’t have too much of a choice.