Game Notes

What a terrible game and a terrible day.  Not only did the Eagles look horrible  until Vick took over and we lost several players to injury.  Here’s why I think the Eagles lost and some other thoughts about the game.

The Eagles simply looked out of sink when they took the field.  Kolb threw erratically until he went down with a concussion and finished the game 5/10 and 24 yards.  Kolb held the ball too long and then stared down his receivers when he threw it.  I also saw him force the ball several times.  He really needs to step it up.  I also think that if we are going to start Kolb, it’s important to let him get into a rhythm instead of putting Vick in every other play.   So either let Vick start or let Kolb play more snaps.  The solution to the Eagles erratic play, at least in part, would have been to let the starters play in the fourth preseason game.  If you know your starters looks bad in preseason game three, it’s not worth resting them in game four.

Also, along with being unprepared, the Eagles looked like they were not conditioned well, which could also come down to them not playing the starters in the fourth preseason game.  The Eagles had a lot of injuries and I wonder if in part it was because of their conditioning.  Kolb and Bradley are out with concussions and Weaver and Jamaal Jackson are out for the year.  Both losses are huge blows to our offense.  Jackson is much better than Mike McGlynn, who gets pushed around on every pass play.  Weaver was not only a great fullback, he was our only fullback.

Kolb’s other problem was that he didn’t get the ball to our play makers.  DeSean Jackson and Celek only finished the game with 6 catches combined and most were passes from Vick.  As I said in the keys to the game, it’s important to get your play makers the ball.  Another problem was that LeSean McCoy had only seven runs in the game and most were when Vick took over.  He did run well though and catch the ball well.

Vick looked much better running the offense than Kolb did.  Not only did he complete 16 of 24 passes he threw for 175 yards and a TD, he ran for 103 yards on only 11 carries.  Vick’s accuracy was certainly questionable at times, but he was a much better option than Kolb.

The Ealges’ were also very bad on special teams.  Just like all preseason we simply could not cover kick and put returns well.  On the other hand Akers kicked well making both of his field goals.  He is someone that we’ve been able to count on for a long time.

The best part about the Eagles was their defense.  They played very well and managed three sacks and two interceptions.  They also held the high powered Packer’s offense to 27 points.  The only reason that we were in the game at all was because of our defense.

Stand out players

Michael Vick – He was the star of the game.  He passed well and ran very well.  He gave a spark to our offense and nearly lead us to a comeback victory.

Trent Cole – ended the game with 6 tackles and a sack.  He was on fire.

Nate Allen – The rookie played exceptionally well making 5 tackles and picking the ball off once.  The interception was an easy one, but he still made the play.


Kevin Kolb – Looked terrible.  There’s nothing else to say.

Eldra Buckley – He caught and fumbled the ball for a turnover and tackled the Packers return man who called for a fair catch, resulting in a large penalty.  He did nothing to contribute to the game.

Akeem Jordan – Missed a huge tackle which resulted in a first down and points, when the Eagles were trying to stage a comeback.

Ellis Hobbs – Didn’t look great all game and covered Greg Jennings extremely poorly on one play in particular to give up a touch down.