Key one:

The Eagles offensive line must give Kolb time to throw the ball – Kolb is much better when he has time to throw the ball even though he is a pretty good scrambler.  In preseason Kolb’s QB rating dropped to 39.3 from the mid eighties when he was sacked five times or more.  The offensive line did not look good in preseason, but Jamaal Jackson is returning to action at center against the Packers and will hopefully sure up the line.

Key Two:

Trent Cole: Sack Master!

Sack Aaron Rogers – The packers lost four out of five games when Rogers was sacked five or more times last year.  The Eagles are going to need Trent Cole at full strength and Brandon Graham to step it up.

Key Three:

DeSean Jackson and Brent Celek need to have a great games – Kolb relied heavily on the two play makers during his two starts in 2009.  Jackson and Celek combined for 26 catches, 458 yards and 3 TDs during those two games.