Game Notes


Vick played for the first and part of the second quarters and while I was impressed with his running ability as always, I was very unimpressed with his passing ability.  His accuracy isn’t very good.  I’m hoping that Kolb doesn’t go down, because I don’t want to have to rely on Michael Vick.

Mike Kafka had a very rough game.  He finished 9/27 for 76 yards and one interception.  It wasn’t until nearly the end of the game that he looked a little better and completed a few passes.  Often times teams don’t blitz very much during preseason, but the Jets blitzed the entire game.  He was under nearly constant pressure.  He did, however, show nice touch on one of his deep throws, which would have been completed if not for a non-called penalty.

Running Backs

While J.J. Arrington had some pretty nice returns and showed a burst, he didn’t run very well otherwise.  It could have been partly due to the offensive line, but I don’t see him making the team.  Martell Mallett ran hard, but didn’t end up having a very good game and I don’t see him making the team either.  It’s kind of sad how the MVP of the Canadian league can’t even make an NFL team.

Even though Eldra Buckley didn’t run very much, he distinguished himself from the other running backs.   He finished with 2 runs for 12 yards and played very well on special teams.  He will be the third running back.

Wide Receivers

It was hard for the receivers to win themselves a job because of how rough a game Kafka had, but that being said, I didn’t see much out of the backups.

Riley Cooper wasn’t in the game very long, but on one play he ran a very nice route and made the catch.  He is clearly going to be a good player in the NFL.

Kelley Washington was the only other receiver that is worth mentioning.  While he isn’t very young at 31 years old, he can still play.  He made a couple nice catches and played fantastically on special teams.  On one punt he swatted the ball out of the end zone on about the three yard line, preventing a touch back.  If the Eagles decide to keep six receivers I think that it will be Washington.

Defensive Line

While I hate typing, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim’ s name, he did have a good game.  It didn’t show in the stat sheet since he only finished with one combined tackle, but he pressured the QB three times.  He was also double teamed for a lot of the game.  I can’t wait to see how good this guy is by next year.

Jeff Owens swatted one ball, had one tackle and got some push in the run and pass games, but otherwise didn’t show too much.  Even if the Eagles keep five DTs, I don’t think that it will be Owens.

Boo Robinson stood out more than Owens, recording 4 combined tackles and a sack.  Still he didn’t look that impressive to me.  If I were the Eagles I would only keep four DTs.  Especially since the other backups are playing well and Te’o-Nesheim will play DT in the nickle package at times.

Eric Moncur, DE had one very nice tackle in the run game and finished with 3total tackles.  He also showed good athleticism.  I’ve been impressed with Moncur this preseason.  It would be tough for the Eagles to keep him though unless they put Abiamiri on the PUP list.  Besides Pannel Egboh, DE also looked good and has great size at 6-6, 287.  Egboh finished the game with 2 total tackles, a sack and a forced fumble on a nice pass rush outside the tackle.  I tend to think that if the Eagles keep 10 D-lineman and put Abiamiri on the PUP list, Egboh will be included.


Moise Fokou was the standout linebacker of the game.  He finished with 10 combined tackles, played well against the pass and on special teams.  The Eagles will definitely keep Fokou.  He also has experience starting, but is still young at 25.

Keenan Clayton played well this game as he has all preseason.  He finished with three combined tackles and also played well in coverage.  He will make the team and will probably see some playing time as a nickle linebacker.  The Eagles had trouble covering TEs last year.  Hopefully Clayton will help.

Jamar Chaney had his best game as an Eagle and finished with 6 combined tackles.  Two of his tackles were nice open field tackles against the Jets’ backup quarterback.  He also looked good in coverage, but I still want to see more out of Chaney.  He looked a little weak and tired at times.  I think that he is going to take a big step forward by next year.  Since no other linebackers stood out, I see Chaney making the team.


The standout in the secondary was Kurt Coleman!  He is a play-maker and finished the game with 5 combined tackles and 2 fumble recoveries for touchdowns.  He accounted for 14 of the teams 17 points.  He looks fast, strong and covered well.  He has had a great preseason and was an amazing pickup in the 7th round.  Good job Eagles.

Jorrick Calvin played well in his first game as an Eagle.  He was the one that we traded Charles Scott for.  He looks fast in the return game and showed several nice returns.  He finished with 2 kick returns and a 28 yard average and 2 punt returns for a 12 yard average.  He also stripped a ball and had two tackles.  I think that the Eagles might deiced to keep Calvin for his return ability.

Macho Harris is a guy who could get cut.  If the Eagles are keeping four safeties, he will be in a battle with Quintin Demps for his job.  He didn’t cover that well, but did pressure the QB once.  He did very little this preseason, while Demps has made several tackles in ever game.

David Pender and Geoff Pope both got beat deep in the game and while Pender’s ball was not caught I don’t see either player making the team.