Game Notes


Overall the Eagles didn’t play a very good game against he Chiefs.  Our offensive line and running backs were horrendous at pass blocking, which in turn made Kevin Kolb have a terrible game passing 11/25 for 103 yards and a pick.  He is the type of QB who is very good with time, but very bad without it.  Remember the year he came in for McNabb vs. the Ravens.  He was under constant pressure and looked terrible.  The offensive line did run block much better than they normally do (4.1 yards per run)  though and a lot of that was due to Todd Herremans return.  The Eagles ran often behind Herremans and will continue to do so throughout the regular season. Jason Peters who is supposed to be our pro bowl left tackle has had way too many penalties throughout the last two games.  He really needs to step up his game for the regular season. LeSean McCoy looked quicker than the last preseason game and broke a nice tackle for a big run and TD (on one of his runs behind Herremans).  I’m more confidant in LeSean now than I was.  I wouldn’t take him in fantasy football though because the Eagles are just going to give too many other players carries.  ie. Weaver, Vick, Bell. Mike Bell looked alright, but didn’t have a great statistical game going 8 for 17 yards and one catch for 3 yards.  He did block well, showed good effort and had one nice short yard run.  If I were the Eagles I would hope that a young promising running back gets dropped and scoop him up.  I would consider keeping four running backs on the team.  I’m really hoping that Joique Bell of the Bills gets dropped. Kolb looked pretty terrible and inaccurate.   He was off on several throws but the pressure that he was under was a big reason for his miss throws.  Several times the Eagles allowed Chiefs to come unimpeded to Kolb and need to do a better job picking up blitzing players.  I clearly remember him missing two throws to Avant and one to Maclin.  Kolb did run well though and will scramble better than a lot of people think.  He also did fairly well on his last drive which hopefully built up his confidence. Mike Kafka looked very good and drove the Eagles down the field in the final two minutes to win the game with a TD.  He finished the game 9/13 for 93 yards and a TD.  He was accurate and showed some power in his throws.  He made some nice throws to Cooper who looked good again and Clay Harbor who is our second TE now.  He looked a lot better than Kolb this game, but Kolb’s job is safe.  Reid sticks with his QB. Jeremy Maclin had an up and down game.  He started out very poorly dropping two passes, but finished better make a few good grabs.  He is really going to have to step it up this year and maintain his focus.  Dropped balls kill offensive drives.  Plus, I have him in fantasy and need a good year from him.


Our defense certainly played better than our offense, but had their own problems.  They recorded two early turnovers and both lead to points.  The defenses strong point was their coverage and held Cassel to 85 yards.  On the other hand we didn’t get much pressure on the QB and only registered one sack.  I’m starting to think that Brandon Graham and Te’o-Nesheim are both a year away from being great.  It’s not a great surprise though because DEs often take some time when transitioning into the pro game.  While Graham didn’t get much in the way of pressure, he did register four tackles .  He also looked quick when chasing Jammal Charles form behind. Our defense was also not very good against the run and gave up a 4.7 yard average. Stewart Bradley looks like he is fully back.  He covered well, swatted a ball and had two tackles.  I would like to see him register more tackles though. Jamar Chaney made some good special teams plays, but I would like to see him attack more against the run and fight to get off blocks.  I still think that he is going to be a good linebacker, but he should build up his strength. Nate Allen looked good in the starting role.  He made no major mistakes and ended the game with 4 combined tackles.  He also read a screen pass well and made the play. I think that Kurt Coleman is definitely going to make the team.  He made two nice tackles, but missed one in this game, but has played well throughout preseason.  He finished the game with 4 combined tackles. I just don’t see Ricky Sapp making the team.  He is way too small and weak to play DE, where the Eagles had him playing at times.  I just haven’t been very impressed with Sapp at all.

Special Teams

There are some positives and some negatives on special teams.  Our kick and put return coverages are both not very good at this point.  Also our return game isn’t very good either, but Quintin Demps looked better than the other returners.  On the positive side Akers hasn’t missed a kick all preseason and Sav Rocca punted well hitting two inside the twenty.

Nice plays

Cole (who isn’t seriously injured) forced a fumble, blocked a pass and made an awesome tackle in the game. Asante Samuel had a powerful hit against McCluster that stopped the running back dead in his tracks.  Who says Asante can’t hit?  Asante is a play maker period. Eric Moncur the smaller defensive end from Miami had an amazing tackle behind the line on one of the running backs.  He showed power to bowl over the offensive line and nice tackling ability.