Eagles Training Camp Observations

Brandon Graham DE– He looks extremely impressive and very fast so far.  I’ve watched him power and speed by offensive lineman.  He also has been using his hands perfectly to rip by the line.  I can’t wait to see this kid in preseason action. 

Zip Duncan G – He uses his feet and hands well.  He showed good lateral movement.  He was even fast enough to block Sapp’s outside rush.  I would love to see him make the team, but he has a lot of work ahead of him.  I also was able to get his autograph in camp!

Daniel T’eo-Nesheim DE– Watched him put up a good fight against King Dunlap, he showed power and good use of his hands.  He also showed speed and good use of his hands to rip by other offensive lineman.  I would like to see what he can do against some starting offensive linemen.  I mostly saw him win the one on ones against backups.

Ricky Sapp DE/LB – He looks much less impressive to me.  He can sometimes get around the line by pure speed, but if a lineman gets his hands on Sapp he gets blocked out.  I don’t see him making the team as a DE.  He could only come in on some pass rush situations and we have better players for that.

Darryl Tapp DE – He has showed power in camp and I think that he will be good against the run.  I wasn’t that impressed by his pass rushing skills though.  He could eventually play on first and second downs, but I think that the other DEs will overtake him.

Trent Cole DE – Looks as good and fast as ever.  Eventually when Brandon Graham is lined up opposite him, they will be unstoppable in passing situations.

Jeff Owens DT – I haven’t been very impressed with him.  He has showed some power, but not much in terms of pass rush ability.  He is probably not going to make the team and is certainly behind Laws and Dixon. 

Mike Kafka QB – Looks accurate and fairly powerful so far.  He also releases the ball quickly.  He signed my football in camp too!  I hope that he develops well and does great in preseason.

Riley Cooper WR – He has looked very good  so far.  I see him making the team as the 4th or 5th WR.  I think that his biggest battle is with Hank Basket.

Desean Jackson WR – He looks as fast and quick as ever.  He is repeatedly open in camp and caught most balls thrown to him.  It’s going to be fun watching him and Maclin lined up opposite all year.

Trevard Lindley CB – He’s been good in coverage and has been impressive so far.  I wonder how many corners we are going to keep.  I like Lindley, but we also have Macho Harris, Joselio Hanson and  Dimitri Paterson (who has looked very good) competing for the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th spots.

Clay Harbor TE – He looks impressive catching the ball and seems to be a better blocker than Ingram.  I think that he will end up being our second TE.

Charles Scott RB – I haven’t seen much out of Charles.  I watched him get stopped short of the goal line twice on goal line drills.  He really needs to pick it up in preseason to make the team.  I don’t see us keeping more than three running backs.  McCoy and Bell are locks so Scott, Martell Mallett, J.J. Arrington and Eldra Buckley have to fight it out of the third and fourth spots (if we even keep four).

Jamar Chaney LB – He has looked very good in coverage so far.  I’m sure that he is going to make the team.

Other Notes:

-My main concern remains the offensive line.  The two Dallas games at the end of the season last year will forever haunt me.  Did we improve it very much?  Will we get Tood Herremans and Jamaal Jackson back soon?  I sure hope so.  I also hope that some of the young offensive lineman step it up.

-I really think that our offense will be explosive this year.  Kolb might need a few games to get used to the NFL though.  We have too many weapons to be flat on offense in the long run.

-Our defense looks great so far.  The biggest questions remaining are at safety and cornerback.  I like Nate Allen a lot so far though.  He covered very well in camp.  I think that our defensive line is going to be great in the years to come.  I also think that our linebackers will develop nicely this year.  I can’t wait to see Jamar Chaney in preseason action.

-Next week we get our first preseason game VS. the Jaguars.  Go Eagles!!!!!!!!