Player updates from first Eagles Mini camp:

  • Kevin Kolb looked really good on his short and medium distance throws.  He was accurate and put good zip on the ball.  I didn’t like what I was seeing from his deep throws as much.  When receivers had the defensive backs beat, Kolb  under threw several balls allowing the defensive backs to break up the catch.  He just need to up a little more air under his deep throws, but I’m sure that he will be ready when the season starts.
  • I really wasn’t high on Blue Cooper when we signed him.  He didn’t have great production and didn’t run a great 40 for his size, but ran some very good routes in practice.  I would love to know what his short shuttle and 3 cone times are because he appears to have very good cutting ability and agility.  I would need to see a lot more before I started to like his chances of making the team, but mini camp was a good start.
  • Dimitri Patterson looked good in one on one drills covering wide receivers and broke up a few passes, a feat that several of our other starting Cornerbacks didn’t manage.  I’m not sure if Dimitri is going to make the team this year though, and is a becoming a bit of a journey man.  He still is pretty young though at 26 years old.
  • DeSean Jackson is absolutely awesome, but I did see him fail to sell one of his routes.  I’m not worried at all about him though.
  • Stewart Bradly is completely healed and looks good so far.
  • Victor Abiamiri isn’t going to be up to full speed until about half way through training camp.  He could have a pretty hard time making the team at this point because of all the DE rookies that we brought in.
  • I caught defensive coordinator Sean McDermott’s post mini camp interview and he sounded like he knew what he was talking about.  I liked his answers a lot and think that he is going to end up being a really good coach for us.  I wasn’t as sure about Marty Mornhinweg’s answers, but he has done well enough for us so far.
  • The center competition is still between four guys, Nick Cole, Mike McGlynn, A.Q. Shipley and Max Jean-Gilles (who needs to lose weight).  Mike McGlynn and Nick Cole are splitting reps with the first team, but Cole is the starter at this point.  I liked A.Q. Shipley coming out of college.  He has very good power when run blocking.  I really hope he steps it up and makes the team.
  • LeSean McCoy dropped about seven lbs. to 210 and looks quicker.  He is also stepping up and teaching the younger guys.

Here is a quote from Kevin Kolb on his first mini camp:

“I thought it was good. There are always mistakes and things you need to correct, but it was smooth for me out there. It was a good lead-in for tomorrow. This was really the first time I was more excited than nervous coming into a mini-camp,” said Kolb. “In the years past, I was a little nervous about getting back into it, but this time I was excited about getting in here and being a starter and getting back into the whole swing of football.”