Philadelphia Eagles:

The Eagles started with pick 24 in the draft and moved up to get the best DE in Brandon Graham (I’m willing to wait a few years to show everyone that I’m right).  We then took arguably the third best safety in the draft behind Eric Berry and Earl Thomas in Nate Allen and rounded out the third day by drafting the underrated Daniel Te’o Nesheim DE.  A lot of people didn’t like this pick and I did think that we could have waited a bit to draft him, but he is going to be a good football player.  He is probably the most athletic DE and had very good production.  I believe that he has the ability to become an eventual starter.  Then the Eagles recouped the  lost picks for trading up by trading down and got some steals late in the draft in Jamar Chaney ILB and Charles Scott, RB.  Overall the Eagles found future starts and built depth greatly improving their defense and improving their running game.  I would have liked to see an offensive lineman and hope that we don’t get bit by the injury bug again this year.  I wanted to draft offensive lineman and linebackers in last years draft, which would have been great for us when we got hit by injuries this year, but oh well.

SanFrancisco 49ers:

The 49ers started out strong taking two large offensive lineman in the first round in Anthony Davis, OT and Mike Iupati G.  They also landed Nate Byham, TE, one of the best blocking TEs and Anthony Dixon, RB, the 233lbs bruiser, which greatly enhance their power running game.  I would not want to have to stop the 49ers offense if they are able to get the lead.  They are going to pound teams into the ground.  Lastly they landed Navorro Bowman OLB one of my favorite linebackers in the draft.  He is a beast against the run and can knife though traffic to make the stop.  I believe that he would have been a first round Linebacker if not for injury and character concerns.  The 49ers are going to be fun to watch this year.

Other winners:

Browns – The Browns got some great prospects for their secondary, a great running back and still landed Colt McCoy, QB in the third round.

Seahawks – The Seahawks landed the best Offensive lineman and arguably the best Safety along with landing two potential starting running backs through trades.

Vikings – The Vikings filled all of their needs.  They didn’t have a first round pick, but still got very good players.  Chris Cook, CB was a Cornerback that I really liked.  Toby Gerhart is my favorite running back and will destroy teams defenses.  The Vikings are going to be very hard to stop when the run the football with Gehart and Adrian Peterson.  They also Landed Everson Griffen, a potential first round prospect in the third round. He has some issues, but looks great on tape and was a good value pick.


New York Giants:

The Giants started their draft off by taking the overrated boom or bust Jason Pierre-Paul, DE who was largely unproductive and didn’t look very good on film.  Pierre-Paul is the type of player that I would take a chance on in the second or third rounds not the first.  Next they followed up with Linval Joseph, DT who was their best pick.  He is a fairly athletic guy with decent production.  Even their pick of Chad Jones, S wasn’t bad, but from there they drafted several terrible players, that they reached for to round out their draft.  They also didn’t fill their needs at Cornerback or Running back and Phillip Dillard, LB was certainly not one of my favorite Linebackers.  He had one decent statistical year in his five year college career, will be 24 during next years season and was a reach in the 5th round.

Washington Redskins:

The Redskins drafted only one of their five needs when they took Trent Williams OT with their first pick.  I guess that they thought because they got McNabb that they didn’t’ have to do anything in the draft.  A large part of their problem as always is that they had very few draft picks because they always trade them away for veterans.  No offensive to McNabb, but he is on the decline and isn’t going to be enough to carry them to the play offs.   He was great when he could run the ball, but now that he can’t his inaccuracy and poor footwork are catching up to him.  NFL teams win games when they draft well, not when they attempt to build teams through only free agency.  They Redskins should have been on the phone to attempt to trade their first pick away to build up some second and third round picks.  People say that it was a mistake to trade McNabb to the Skins.  Lets see how they do against the Eagles this year and then we will talk again.  Ultimately the Redskins only filled one need and are a very old team.

Other Losers:

Jaguars – Although I really like Tyson Alualu they reached for him and didn’t do much else in the draft.  They didn’t fill their needs and they didn’t draft well.

Broncos – The Broncos didn’t fill their need at linebacker or tight end, which was created when they traded away Tony Scheffler for almost nothing.  They had two first round picks and wasted one on Tim Tebow and didn’t do much else with the rest of their seven picks.  I would be absolutely livid if I was a Broncos fan.  McDaniels is working hard to destroy any chance they have at competing for a Superbowl.  I would have loved to be their GM after trading away Jay Cutler and getting all those draft picks.  It’s like the Broncos just figured they would throw picks away because they had so may.