Day two Grade: A-
Nate Allen, FS is a solid pick up for the Eagles.  I wanted to get an offensive lineman, but they kept slipping and we could have gotten one later on.  Now that we have Allen we could move Macho Harris or Marlin Jackson over to CB again, which was their original positions.  I understand the pick of Allen and even though he wasn’t my favorite player I’m alright with the pick. Allen Grade: B+

I really like Daniel Te’o Nesheim DE.  He is strong, athletic and has good production.  When I first started looking at him and liked him he was projected to go in the 6th round and by the end in the 4th round.  The Eagles really liked him as did I and took him in the third.  The way good players were going off the board in the third there was a good chance that we was going to go soon to another team. Nesheim is athletic enough to play Linebacker, but I would wonder about his coverage skills.  We have been getting beat by TEs for far too long.  I would make it my goal as a GM to stock pile second and third round picks.  I swear I could build an entire team out of them. Te’o Nesheim grade: B+ (only because of pick value)

What I don’t understand as much is why we didn’t fill one of our other needs, like Linebacker, Offensive Lineman or Cornerback.  I would have taken Navorro Bowman OLB or Rennie Curran LB.  They are both very instinctive and great tacklers.  Nothing against Teo, but we simply have other needs.  I understand not wanting to pass on the best player on your board, but I think that Bowman is going to be a great linebacker.

So what do we do moving forward?  There are still some good players left that have a 4th round value and many left that are good 6th and 7th round pick ups.  I really like Jamar Chaney ILB and think that he would be a good fit for the Eagles.  He can cover tight ends and is still good in the run game.  He is also crazy athletic.  If you click on any of the player’s names it will take you to the assessment page.  I also like players like Arthur Moats LB and Alterraun Verner CB who are still available.

What I really wanted to do was not trade back a second or third time, take Jon Asamoah and then trade up into the third again to get Bowman.  We wouldn’t have had much left after that, but they would have been two great pick ups.  I’m worried about the offensive line at this point.  We were hurt by in juries last year and I think it’s a good idea to get some depth and I wanted someone to compete for a starting position.  I don’t really think that we will get someone to compete now, but we can and should still get depth.  We could get someone like Shelley Smith G in the 5th or 6th rounds.  Its the same thing with Linebackers.  We had many injuries at the position and should build depth.  Two late round guys that could end up being starters in the NFL are Matt Mayberry ILB and Vincent Rey LB.  They are both athletic and productive.  Check out all my favorite remaining prospects for the Eagles at …

Terenna’s Top 5 Prospects at each Eagles’ Draft Pick