Day Two Grade:
Day One Grade:

Round 4:

I Started out very unhappy with our day three picks, but the Eagles really pulled things around at the end with players like Jamar Chaney LB, Charles Scott RB, and Kurt Coleman SS.  It seemed like during the 4th round they were just picking random players, but made me believe again in the 6th and 7th.  I still wish that we got another offensive lineman and I hope that we get a few to compete as rookie free agents. Third Day Draft Grade B, Overall Draft Grade A-

Trevard Lindley, CB is a good cover corner who had very good production in college.  He had some injuries during his senior year, which is a knock, but overall he was a good pick up.  I would rather have had Alteraun Verner CB much more, but I don’t hate the pick.  I do wish that he wasn’t 24 years old though.  He will be 25 at the end of his first year in the NFL.  Pick grade: B

Keenan Clayton, LB/SS  was a horrible pick because we not only reached like crazy for him, but he is undersized and could not get off blocks in college.  He has several passes broken up in college, which I like, but according to CBS sports he can not cover TEs, which is what we need out of a Linebacker.  There were many good players left at this point.  There were SS who were more athletic and linebackers who were better sized.  To Clayton’s credit he did have pretty good production and athleticism.  I think that the Eagles want to move Clayton to back up SS, but there are much better SSs who actually played the position. Pick Grade: F

Mike Kafka, QB is a developmental guy.  While it was a good idea to get quarterback depth, he was not the one that I wanted.  Kafka had moderate accuracy and arm strength and has pretty poor footwork, which we all know the Eagles have trouble teaching QBs (see McNabb).  He also threw most of his passes out of the shotgun and will have to adjust to taking the ball from under center.  There were better QBs available and better QBs that we could have gotten later in the draft.   He only played one full year in college and threw way too many interceptions.  We could have gone with a guy like Sean Canfield, QB in the 6th round, who I thought had a lot of potential and would have been good value.  Pick Grade: C

Harbor Clay, TE/FB was our final pick of the 4th round.  I believe that he will play TE in our system.  He is a very athletic and fairly productive guy who will be a good fit for the Eagles.  I would have addressed offensive line here, but it seems that the Eagles are comfortable not being able to protect Kolb.  Pick grade: B

Round 5:

Ricky Sapp, LB is a guy who played DE in college and will need to be converted to Linebacker in the pros.  He is somewhat athletic, but doesn’t’ have great change of direction ability.  He had pretty poor production in college and got run over in the run game as a DE.  He should be better as a linebacker though.  Unlike Clayton though he at least has the size to play linebacker.  While he is not the linebacker that I would have taken, he is not the worst pick of the day either.  What’s stupid though is rather than taking a good linebacker with our  4th round pick we take a linebacker that needs to convert to Safety and then with our fifth round pick we take a DE than needs to convert to Linebacker.

I am mostly concerned about his lack of production.  It’s not what I want to see out of a college prospect.  Pick Grade:C

Round 6:

Riley Cooper WR
was a solid pick up.  He is a large receiver who was very productive his senior year and is very athletic for a player his size.  He is move of a developmental prospect in the NFL though than a finished project.  He also might not be committed to football or a hard enough worker to make it.  Still he has the potential to be a very good player.  He is a boom or bust prospect, which we can afford to take this late in the draft.  Pick Grade B +

Charles Scott RB
is a big tough running back who is athletic for a man his size.  He has the power to break tackles, but also follows his blockers well and has good vision.  He isn’t as good as breaking tackles as Toby Gerhart, but is solid.  He possesses very good explosion off the snap and gets to full speed fast to hit the hole.   He could be a very good complement to McCoy in our run game.  He has good lateral movement, and can cut to make defensive backs miss, but it’s an outside runner.  He has the size to pass block well, but needs to work on his technique.  He had one good year in college and posting 1,174 yards 18 touch downs and a 5.4 yard average and then faced injuries during his senior year.   Pick Grade A

Round 7:

Jamar Chaney LB
,  While  he doesn’t have the best production he still has good production.  He  had a lot of assisted tackles, but he was usually the first guy there.   He looks absolutely great against the run and knifes through traffic to  make plays.  He gets off blocks quick by using his arms, but occasionally struggles.  He solid  tackler but looks a little weak at times.  He looks really fast and  closes quickly.  He also looks good in coverage and can keep up with TEs.   He tackles quickly if they make the catch and can break up passes.  He  also looks pretty good in zone coverage.  He has quick closing speed on  the blitz and can get though traffic to sack the QB, but didn’t blitz  much.  Pick Grade A+

Jeff Owens DT is a very strong fairly athletic guy.  I think he has pretty good potential, but is raw and needs some work.  He doesn’t have very good production, but if he improves his technique quite a bit he could end up being a good player. Pick Grade B-

Kurt Coleman SS has good athleticism, but is only 190lbs.  He could play the position, but might need to put on some more weight as long as it doesn’t slow him down.  He had 13 passes broken up in 3 years and 9 interceptions.  Can cover pretty good, and is a wrap up tackler, but sometimes struggles making the tackle because of his size.  Pick Grade B

Day Two Grade:
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