As you all know by now, the Eagles made a big trade today for Ernie Sims for our 5th round draft pick. Granted he had some injuries last year, but Sims is a young play-maker at the Linebacker position. Before the trade we were very weak at linebacker and we were going to have to draft heavily at that position. Now it’s less of a priority. We still need to improve our strong side Linebacker position though. I would love to get a guy like Navorro Bowman or Jamar Chaney in the middle rounds of the draft.

Ernie Sims was a former high first round draft pick who has had very good production, topping the 100 tackle mark in every season except his last one.  Giving up only a 5th round pick for him was an exceptional trade.  I’m not one to trade picks away as you will read about next, but it’s extremely unlikely that we would have done better than Sims if we kept our 5th to draft with.

Take a look at his career statistics:

Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int FF
2009 Detroit Lions 11 8 49 32 17 0.0 1 0
2008 Detroit Lions 16 16 113 71 42 1.0 1 0
2007 Detroit Lions 16 16 134 97 37 1.0 2 1 3
2006 Detroit Lions 16 16 124 81 43 0.5 1 1
TOTAL 420 281 139 2.5 0 5 1 4

It is also rumored that the Eagles want to trade up to the 10-12 pick range in the first round if certain players are available. I have mixed feelings about the possibility. I believe that we would be trading up to get either Earl Thomas, FS or Brandon Graham, DE and I love both of those prospects. My concern is that this is a very deep draft and we might be losing out by trading our picks away. As everyone knows not every first round pick works out. It is more likely that they will work out than second round picks, but certainly not definite. If we wanted to move up to the 10-12 range we will have to give up our first round pick and our second round pick and I believe that we can do better keeping our picks. Lets say that If we move up we are drafting Earl Thomas and if we stay we will be able to draft Maurkice Pouncey, C and Nate Allen, FS or Tyson Alualu, DE. Earl Thomas looks like he is going to be a great player, but it’s possible that he will be a bust or just a mediocre player. low first round and high second round picks also can be busts, but since we have two of them it’s less likely that they will both be busts. I believe that if we stay where we are, we are more likely to come out with a great player than if we move up. Even though Earl Thomas seems better than either Maurkice Pouncey and Nate Allen or Tyson Alualu, he probably won’t be better than both of them.
I don’t mind trading up a few picks here or there. I just don’t want to trade our lives away for an unproven prospect. Does everyone remember Mike Mamula?