I have mixed emotions about the McNabb trade as I’m sure that most of you do as well. I thought that it was time to trade McNabb. It was the last year of his contract, which we were probably not going to renew, he had a few weakness to his game and we have Kolb who could be a solid starter. I felt like we might as while get something for him. I think that McNabb is a very good quarterback who helped the Eagles achieve many successes, but unfortunately not the elusive super bowl. He often had problems with his mechanics and would throw the ball without setting his feet, which often ended up with the ball driving into the ground. He sometimes had problems locating open receivers and problems with his short and medium throw accuracy in general. He used to get away with his inaccuracy because he would run the ball and pick up important first downs, but lately he could not or would no longer run.

I mentioned that we have Kolb as another reason that I thought it was time to trade McNabb. Up until last year I did not think that Kolb had any hope to ever start in the NFL. He looked horrible in every game he played up until the few games that he started in last year. Against the Saints he passed for almost 400 yards, but he did throw 3 interceptions. He played a little better against the Chiefs with an improved completion percentage and no interceptions, but then again it was the Chiefs. Either way he finally looked like he could start in the NFL. Despite the fact that Kolb looks like he could become a good NFL quarterback, I think that it is very important that we draft another quarterback in the middle rounds, who could compete against Kolb. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. It is also good that we have Vick, who could step in if things are not working out with Kolb.

I also like the value that we got for McNabb in a high second round pick and either a 3rd or 4th round pick next year. We now have many picks in a very good draft. We now also have the ability package picks to trade up in the draft if there is a prospect that the Eagles really want. I don’t want to trade up too much, but I do want to if any player we really like drops near our pick, but we don’t think that he will fall all the way.

My only problem with the trade is the fact that we traded him to the Redskins. It’s very strange to trade a very good starting QB to a rival team. I wonder what the Redskin fans think about having McNabb. Can they now embrace their former enemy? I know that I would never embrace Eli Manning if he was traded to the Eagles. I wonder what it’s going to be like facing McNabb twice a year. Are the Eagles fans going to boo him? Do we know his style of play well enough to shut him down? I hope so, or else we could really regret the choice of teams. Either way. I’m now going to spend a lot more time assessing the QBs in the draft. I’ve already looked at a few and information can be found about them on the ‘Terenna’s top five prospects at each pick page’. Next I’m going to find some more second round prospects that I like and update my mock drafts.

Overall, I’m happy with the trade and I like the value that we got for him. I just hope that it doesn’t bite us in the rear.

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