I think that Linebacker is an extremely important position for the Eagles to draft.  Line backers are critical for stopping the run, covering the TE and RB.  many teams’ offenses are successful primarily using that type of offense.  Both the Giants and Cowboys have tough running backs and either a good or very good receiving option at the TE.  We need one Linebacker who attacks the line of scrimmage and who is a powerful sure tackler, which I think would either be Navorro Bowman, Rennie Curran (He could use more weight) or Jamar Chaney (he could use more power.)     We also need a LB who can cover running backs and Tight Ends.  Donald Butler is a pretty good cover Linebacker as well as Jamar Chaney.  (I probably should have proof read this, but I’m just one person and this is taking forever to post.)

Rolando McClain ILB – He is a productive, fairly athletic guy who can cover in zone pretty good.  He doesn’t look fantastic on tape because he tackles people too high and doesn’t use leverage. He also sometimes has trouble getting off of blocks. He doesn’t attack in the run game, but that may have been his assignment on the defense. He also reads plays well and rarely over-pursues.   At first I didn’t think that he will drop to the Eagles, but now I think that he might fall out of the first round. There is more value in the linebackers later in the draft.

Sean Weatherspoon OLB_ He is very athletic and very productive.  I worry about him getting off blocks.  He can get blocked out of plays.  I would not spend a first round pick on him, unless coaches can teach him how to get off blocks in the NFL.  He is also slow to diagnose plays, which takes away from this athleticism.  Lastly, he looks slow to change direction at times, even though he has a good 3 cone time.

Sergio Kindle OLB/DE – Is an athletic, big linebacker who can rush the QB very well.  He isn’t much of a cover guy, but can be solid against the run.  It is not likely that he will fall to us in the draft.  I don’t think that he is worth trading up for.

Sean Lee ILB- He is pretty athletic and productive, but he doesn’t attack in the run game.  He sometimes has trouble getting off of blocks.  He can cover well, but I don’t think that he is worth a second round pick.

Brandon Spikes ILB – He is very slow.  He looks good on tape in a short range though and has a burst in the 10 yards range.  He doesn’t look as slow as timed, but he is still slower than I would want in a ILB.  He also has character issues.  I don’t want to draft him unless he falls into the 4th or 5th round.

Third Favorite for draft value Donald Bulter ILB – He is very productive and very athletic.  He can have huge games.  He is good at getting of a full back block but not great against O-lineman.  He is a reliable tackler and attacks in the run game.  He is solid at rushing the QB is good in man coverage, but not a great overall coverage linebacker.  I would draft him in the third or second rounds.  I think that he will be a solid starter and occasional play maker.

Daryl Washington OLB – had a solid junior year and a good Senior year with three interceptions and 109 tackles.  He doesn’t have as many tackles for a loss that I like.  Can get to the outside quick and make plays.  Attacks in the run game.  Sometimes misses tackles, but is usually pretty good.  Can get blocked out of plays. Doesn’t have a quick burst when closing.  He is probably worth a second round pick, but I wasn’t enamored with him.  I would consider taking him if he falls to our later second round pick, but I don’t think I would take him at our first second round pick.

First Favorite for draft value – Navorro Bowman OLB – Bowman looks great on tape. He is a play maker in the run game and knifes past defenders. He attacks in the run game rather than waiting for the RB to come to him.  He has great stats and made a lot of tackles and tackles for losses.  Its amazing that he still has tons of tackles even though he is trying to make plays.  You would figure that he would miss some tackles when trying to make plays.  He looks really fast on tape and reacts quickly.  His sideline to sideline speed is just alright but he is really quick in short distances.  He is a very good tackler.   I think that he should go before the 3rd but that’s where he is projected.  People say that his character might not be great, but he has a wife and son and I think that he is probably changed now.  I think that he is the play maker that we need on D.  I would make it a priority to draft him.  He is one of my favorite line backers.  I would take him with our later second round pick or one of our thirds.

Second Favorite for draft value
– Jamar Chaney ILB – While he doesn’t have the best production he still has good production.  He had a lot of assisted tackles, but he was usually the first guy there.  He looks absolutely great against the run and knifes through traffic to make plays.  He gets off blocks quick by ripping with his arms.  He is a solid tackler but looks a little weak at times.  He looks really fast and closes quickly.  He also looks good coverage and can keep up with TEs.  He tackles quickly if they make the catch and can break up passes.  He also looks pretty good in zone coverage.  He has quick closing speed on the blitz and can get though traffic to sack the QB, but didn’t blitz much.  He is one of my favorite linebackers on tape.   I would want him to get stronger and put on some mass.  I would take him in the third or fourth round.

Third Favorite for draft value
– Rennie Curran OLB –  He looks really fast on tape and closes like a rocket, but his combine and pro day numbers don’t quite match.  While he is fast in the 10 yard his cutting ability ( 3 cone 7.34) and quickness (short shuttle 4.40) are not great.   He looks great against the run because he reacts fast.  He gets off blocks quickly and explodes into the ball carrier.  He is a solid wrap up tackler who can tackle with some force, by using leverage and throwing his body to the ground.  He makes some plays due to his quickness in the run game.  He has good production but not a lot of tackles for losses.  He is very quick to react against the run which may be why he looks faster on tape.   He is good in coverage, but doesn’t break up plays as much as just makes quick tackles.  I would still draft him in the fourth because of how good he looks on tape.

Jerry Hughes OLB/DE – I don’t think that he fits our system well.  He can’t play DE in the NFL because he can’t get off blocks and can get blocked out of plays.  He is unproven as a linebacker.  I worry about his coverage skills.  He is more of a 3-4 linebackers.  I wouldn’t draft him.

Pat Angerer ILB- He looks pretty good on tape and has pretty good production.  He tackles well and plays the run well.  He can play the pass also.  He looks a little slow when trying to get to the side line.  I would take a chance on him in the 5th.

Sleeper- Matt MayberryILB –  He looks good on tape and has potential.  He had a very good combine and very good production that improved every year.  He had five sacks both his junior and senior years.  He had three interceptions his senior year.  Unless I see more video.  I would draft him in either the 6th, 7th or pick him up in free agency.  If I see more video and like him more, I could possibly want to draft him higher.

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