Sheldon BrownI was actually a little surprised by the trade, but I am not necessarily unhappy.  Sheldon has been a great CB for us, but is now 31 years old and seemed to be a little slower than he used to be.  We got 4th and 5th round picks out of the deal and a young Linebacker in Alex Hall, who was not productive but has potential he was very productive in college and has 26 sacks and 51 tackles for losses.  We gave up Gocong, but he lost his starting position anyway and never seemed to make many plays.  Brown’s trade makes it more likely that we will pick a CB early in the draft, but it’s not mandatory because we still have Hobbs and Samule who are both starting CBs.  We also have Hanson as our 3rd CB who has done well enough in that position.  Even if we don’t draft a CB early in the draft we will have to draft one at some point.  I still like Alterraun Verner, but, I will have to look into some higher rated CBs as well.  It would be perfect is Earl Thomas S/CB fell to us but I don’t think it’s very likely.

The addition of the 4th and 5th rounds picks give us more ammunition to trade up in the draft if we want or simply take changes on boom or bust guys.  I think that this draft is very deep and I like a lot of players in the middle rounds.  I’ll be updating my mock drafts and favorite prospects at each pick by adding in the new picks and looking more at CBs shortly.